Hakataya Kamata-ten (元祖もつ鍋居酒屋 博多屋 蒲田店)

A friend took us to this local Hakata-style motsu-nabe place in Kamata. Reservation is a must as it is very popular. You can only stay for 2 hours but then you don’t really need more than that.
Hatsu-sashi – raw heart. Yamaimo(mountain yam) steak – don’t know why it is called steak while it is actually a fluffy omelette/pancake. Very nice though!
We tried almost everything from the “Mentaiko series”. Left pic: Potato and Mentaiko. Right pic: Tofu and Mentaiko.
Aubergine and Mentaiko. Spinach and Mentaiko.
The spinach one is stir-fried with butter while the other three are grilled with cheese. They are nice but they taste pretty similar – trying 1 or 2 is actually enough. There are other common Izakaya dishes in the menu like “yakiton”(pork version of yakitori) but we didn’t order.

The main is of course Motsu-nabe, which is soy sauce based. The motsu is really nice! Noodles or rice are added to the soup at the end.

At first I thought each dish was a bit small(especially the hatsu-sashi), and we ordered the motsu-nabe for 3 people(we were a group of 4) but it wasn’t quite enough so we asked for one more portion. However, when the bill came we were really surprised…only about 2000yen per person! We got a coupon from the homepage below and got ourselves a free drink each so that contributed to the cheap price, but still!

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.

元祖もつ鍋居酒屋 博多屋 蒲田店(Hakataya Kamata-ten)
Add: 2F, 7-4-6 Nishi-Kamata, Oota-ku.
Tel: 03-3736-1666

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  1. Hi. Salad and “simmered beef tendon” are good too according to my friend who took us there.

  2. コラーゲンたっぷりとって


    山芋って英語で直球のmountain yum なんだね~
    これで年明けのEnglish dayは連想ゲームdayに

  3. 肌の調子よく分からなかった・・・


    Mountain yamは適当な翻訳だよ。

  4. beef heart? I finally have raw heart recently (of Shark) so I can sorta know what its texture is like ^^;; The yam pancake looks good! Hot pot is perfect for the cold weather!

  5. Hey Freda and Joan, Happy New Year~~

    Freda> Raw heart of shark?!! It should be quite different from beef heart…? ^^;;

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