Poppoya (ぽっぽっ屋)

The owner of this ramen shop used to work in Jiro, which explains the resemblance to Jiro in taste and style. I’ve tried the Suidoubashi branch near Tokyo Dome(left pic) and the Nihonbashi honten(right pic) which is the original shop. The two shops are similar in quality – Nihonbashi branch is a little bit more expensive(talking about ~30 yen difference), and Suidoubashi branch is less shabby and is easier to go in for female customers.

I really love the thick and chewy noodles here. The soup is Tonkotsu(pork bone broth) and soy sauce based, which is nice but I find it too salty to drink on its own. So rather then soup ramen, it’s more like ramen mixed with sauce. Just like Jiro, it’s free to ask for extra vegetable(mostly beansprouts), extra onion, extra pork fat, stronger taste, and garlic.

In the following, left pic is from Suidoubashi, right pic is from Nihonbashi.
Umi no Shio(Sea Salt) Ramen, Y780. Ajitamago(boiled flavoured egg), Y100.
Aburamen(Y780) is the most popular item. Left one has garlic topping. Right one has ajitamago topping(I didn’t know Aburamen would come with egg already!).
Regular Ramen, Y700. Ajitamago, Y100. Left one has garlic topping.
Tsukemen, Y780. Left one has extra vegetable topping.
Chilled Salad Ramen, Y850. I only tried it in Suidoubashi branch, not sure if it is available in Nihonbashi. Pretty nice but gets a bit salty towards the end – too much dressing. Right pic is a branch in Yushima(near Ueno park). I just walked past but didn’t try.

Suidoubashi Branch’s menu here and free topping menu here.

English review here.

ぽっぽっ屋 (Poppoya)

Nihonbashi Honten
Add: 16-12 Kodenmachou, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3666-2151

Suidoubashi Branch
Add: 2-21-11, Misakichou, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-5211-8556