BROZERS’ (ブラザーズ)

A hamburger shop near Ningyocho station in the Nihonbashi area. The shop is very famous but a couple of my friends told me that they went there with high expectations and were disappointed. After trying for myself, I think the beef patty is not as juicy as I would like, but the burgers are still nice because other ingredients such as the veggy, different kinds of toppings, the sauces and the bread are well-prepared. Also if you order the burger, it will come with very nice French Fries and 2 onion rings – I know it’s common in most countries but it’s not in Japan.
MON Egg Burger, Y1000.
TUE Fish Burger, Y1000.
WED Chili beans Burger, Y1050.
THU Teriyaki Burger, Y950.
FRI Pineapple Burger, Y1000.
Chili Beans Soup, Y600.
Cheese Burger, Y1000.
Minestrone Soup, Y500.
Red Hot Chili Burger, Y950.
Clam Chowder, Y550.
Tar Tar Burger, Y1000.
Fried Chicken, Y580.
Avocado Burger, Y1050.
Chili Beans Dog, Y650.
Sweet Chili Chicken Burger, Y1300.
Onion Rings, Y400.
Chicken Cheese Burger, Y1200.
Brownies with Ice-cream, Y580.
Lot Burger,Y1500. Toppings: Bacon, cheese, egg, pineapple.
Sauces choose from: BBQ sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Red hot chili sauce, or Sweet chili sauce.

Chocolate Shake, Y580.

My favourites are Lot Burger, Avocado burger and Chicken Cheese Burger. If you order the burger from the lunch menu(both “daily special” and the regular burgers), you can get the “hamburger drink set” for Y150. Everything in the Grand Menu is also available at lunch time but no drink set for that. I’ve tried quite a few side menu, soups, desserts etc but I don’t really recommend them. Stick to the burgers!

Lunch menu here.
Grand menu: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

BROZERS’ (ブラザーズ)
Add: 2-28-5, Ningyocho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3639-5201

4 thoughts on “BROZERS’ (ブラザーズ)

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! it’s awesome with all the pictures and detailed descriptions-I could spend weeks browsing through every single entry! Makes me want to live in Tokyo and follow you around on your dining adventures!

    Keep it up!

    Just a random question: any tips on reserving a table at Aroma Fresca?

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately my eating adventure in Tokyo has turned very “local and cheap” lately because I’m broke and busy.

    About Aroma Fresca, I’ve never actually reserved the restaurant myself but like other popular restaurants, you just have to call in advance(talking about 1-2 months ahead) and check the schedule with the restaurant staff. Sadly most Japanese restaurants are a million miles from tourist-friendly.

  3. If you gotta go with “(relatively) cheap and good”, I’m sure Tokyo is the place for it!

    I’ve had frustrations with restaurant reservations in Japan mainly Tokyo (with their strict non accommodating policies) I understand the reasoning behind it and certainly respect this aspect but it’s definitely left a scar! perhaps I’m exaggerating here but it’s about the same as dining in France.

    I was able to score a 10pm dinner at Aroma Fresca with some help and persistence of course but I wonder if the service would be rushed?

  4. Reserving popular restaurants is frustrating even for native Japanese….if this fact makes you feel any better.

    Dinner at Aroma Fresca took us almost 4 hours…but I guess there will be few customers by 10pm so the kitchen will be less busy. Hope you have a great time dining there!

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