Le Cafe Plus A

サンマルチアーノ種トマトのソフトクリーム サラダ仕立て。
Escargot stuffed mushroom gratin with salad.
Tomato softcream with salad.
Duck confit with sauteed shiitake mushroom and potato.
Blanc Manger in Anglaise sauce.

All the above are from the 4000 yen dinner course which includes 2 appetizers, 1 main dish and dessert.

Went on a Sunday evening and we were the only customer throughout the whole night. I read from some food blogs beforehand that it’ll get quite expensive if you order from the a la carte, and the set course is of better value. So even though the waiter was a little overly eager to recommend us the a la carte and even said that “the set course might be a bit small in portion”, we ordered the set course anyway. And he was not lying, the portion was a little small. The taste was not bad in general, considering the price, but the service was kinda spotty – there weren’t that many options to choose from the set course and not all of us could choose what we wanted because they could only provide limited portions for each choice. After some compromising among us and we had decided our choices, they told us that they had mistaken the number of available portions, and such confusion happened not just once but twice….

Le Cafe Plus A

2 thoughts on “Le Cafe Plus A

  1. not a good sign when you guys were the only customer and the service was still bad…
    Escargot stuffed mushroom gratin sounds good though! but 4000 yen seems a bit pricey for the set.

  2. Joan>

    Gosh, I’m so neglecting my blog…XD

    The escargot was really tiny…^^;;; But the sauce was delicious – mopped up to the last drop with bread.

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