Bistro Joie (ビストロ ジョア)

This is probably gonna be my last entry on cheap lunches in Tokyo. I’ll write only when I dine in really good restaurants(or really bad ones) that are worth writing about. ^^;;

I’m glad that I saved Bistro Joie to wrap up my hunt for good lunches. I love this little yoshoku place so much that I filled up two stamp cards – equivalent of 40 visits to this place – and got myself Y1000 discount. XD I basically tried everything in the regular lunch menu(which is mainly meat), and many “Fish dish of the week”, “Pasta of the week”, and some “Lunch of the day”. “Lunch of the day” is cheaper(about Y850), and consists of two small dish and a big salad(all in one plate). All menu comes with soup and rice. I have got to mention that, the soup here is really good. It’s only simple miso soup or clear soup with seaweed or with soy sauce flavour, but it’s so tasty and always boiling hot. Honestly I always get served this kind of soup with my lunch, I’m tired of them and I just drink because they are there, but in Bistro Joie I actually enjoy them. Lunch also comes with a big plate of rice(I mean it’s really big!) so unless you are really really hungry, ask for a smaller portion. The only exception are Curry rice or Hayashi rice – they give you so much sauce(super yummy) and I always want MORE rice to finish the sauce. It’s Y100 yen for extra rice. The deep-fried menu are good but I think they are a bit expensive compared to other yoshoku place like the famous Shichijou. I like Bistro Joie more than Shichijo in general but Shichijo wins in the department of deep-fried stuff. All the hamburger are not bad but I prefer hamburger that still has the meat texture, but the hamburger in Joie is a bit mushy. The pasta are great and cooked with generous amount of ingredients, and they come with garlic bread which are yummy, but don’t expect al dente as the pasta tend to be a bit overcooked. Apart from that, anyone you order from the menu, it won’t go wrong.

One thing about Bistro Joie that is really disappointing – it’s not non-smoking. It’s a tiny restaurant in the basement and it’s really a nightmare having someone smoking right next to you while you eat. Try go early on a weekday(it opens from around 11.15am), or go for Saturday lunch. It’s always empty when I go on Saturday, and it would be just me, the chef cooking in the kitchen, the chef’s wife serving, and the chef’s little son watching youtube videos on his computer. ^^;;; But it is closed sometimes on Saturday so definitely call up to make sure it’s open. btw, I really want to try their dinner menu but haven’t had the chance yet.

Cow Tongue Stew, Y1480.
Salmon Meuniere with Ratatouille, Y1480.
牛ロースステーキ ガーリック醤油ソース、¥1280。
Beef loin steak with Garlic-soy-sauce, Y1280.
Tomato Gratin with oyster, potato and broccoli, Y1280.
スズキとカニクリームのピカタ クリームソース、¥1200。
Suzuki(sea bass) and crab cream piccata in cream sauce, Y1200.
Fried oyster, Y1080.
Chicken Omurice, Y850.
Beef Hayashi Rice, Y900.
鯛のソテー ブールソース 菜の花添え、¥1280。
I forgot to take photo of the menu but it was some fish baked with breadcrumbs.
Sauteed Tai(sea bream) with Beurre(butter) sauce and Nanohana, Y1280.
Grilled Beef with mustard, herb and breadcrumbs, Y1680.
チキンソテー ガーリックトマトソース、¥950。
Sauteed Chicken in garlic tomato sauce Y950.
Cheese hamburger curry grain, Y1180.
Mix fry, Y1050.
Crab cream croquette, Y900.
牛フィレ ステーキ ガーリックトマトソース、¥1780。
Beef fillet steak in Garlic tomato sauce, Y1780.
Beef Stew, Y1880.
真鯛トマト挟み焼 バルサミコソース、¥1280。
マグロのソテー 粒マスタードクリームソース、¥1280。
Grilled Madai(Red Sea Bream) sandwiched in tomato, Balsamic sauce, Y1280.
Sauteed Maguro, mustard cream sauce, Y1280.
スズキのソテーブールブランソース 菜の花添え、¥1200。
Sauteed Suzuki(sea bass) in Beurre Blanc sauce with nanohana, Y1200.
Smoked salmon, garlic salt spaghetti, Y1150.
赤魚とホタテのポワレ エストラゴンソース、¥1250。
ビーフスパゲティー カレークリームソース、¥1150。
Panfried Akoudai and scallop, escargot sauce, Y1250.
Beef spaghetti, curry cream sauce, Y1150.
真鯛ハーブ焼 ブールソース、¥1380。
Madai grilled with herb, Beurre sauce, Y1380.
Grilled Sagoshi with herb breadcrumbs, Y1200.
Sauteed pork with Blue cheese sauce, Y1280.
Sauteed pork with mushroom and grated radish sauce, Y1280.
本マグロのロースト レフォールソース、¥1380。
Roasted Hon-Maguro, raifort sauce(not sure if it’s actually horse radish), Y1380.
Hamburger with egg, Y1050.
Mekajiki negiyaki, Y1200.
Deep fried prawn and crab cream croquette, Y1250.
Prawn curry rice, Y900.
Sauteed chicken, mustard sauce, Y950.
牛タンステーキ ガーリック醤油ソース、¥1280。
Cow tongue steak, garlic soy sauce, Y1280.
スズキのミルフィーユ クリームソース、¥1280。
Suzuki Mille-feuille, cream sauce, Y1280.
Genki salad, Y900. It’s a warm, savoury pork salad served with rice. Huge portion considering it’s only a “salad”.
チキンソテー ブルーチーズソース、¥1180。
Sauteed Madai, grapefruit sauce, Y1280.
Sauteed chicken, Blue cheese sauce, Y1180.
Japanese styled hamburger with grated radish, Y950.
Sauteed Akoudai with marinated mushroom sauce, Y1200.
Maguro hamburger with half-cooked egg, Y1250.
Steamed chicken curry cream spaghetti, Y1100.
すずぎとエビのソテー ブールブランソース、¥1200。
Grilled Mekajiki with spring onion and mayonnaise, Y1250.
Sauteed Suzuki and prawn, Beurre Blanc sauce, Y1200.
イカハンバーグ ブールソース、¥1280。
スパゲッティ カルボナーラ、¥1100。
Squid hamburger, Beurre sauce, Y1280.
Spaghetti Carbonara, Y1100.
豚ロースソテー マッシュルームソース、¥850。
マグロのソテー 粒マスタードクリームソース、¥1280。
Sauteed pork loin, mushroom sauce, Y850.
Sauteed Maguro, mustard cream sauce, Y1280.
カレイのムニエル ラタトゥイユ添え、¥1200。
Tuna and aubergine pepperonchino spaghetti, Y1100.
Karei Meuniere, with Ratatouille, Y1200.
メカジキ香草パン粉焼 カレークリームソース、¥1250。
サーモントマトソテー クリームソース、¥850。
Grilled Mekajiki with herb and breadcrumbs, curry cream sauce, Y1250.
Sauteed salmon and tomato, cream sauce, Y850.
チキンチーズ焼き トマトソース、¥850。
Suzuki Meuniere, Y1200.
Grilled chicken with cheese, tomato sauce, Y850.

Menu: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.

Bistro Joie
Add: 3-3-12, Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-5283-2277

5 thoughts on “Bistro Joie (ビストロ ジョア)

  1. Don’t you think you should visit a place a few times before you pass judgement on it? I’m worried that you haven’t gotten a good view of their food.
    Still waiting for your lunch invitation, by the way!

  2. Will be looking forward to your next entries to Seat’s Guide :) Hope the wait will not be tooooooooo long…. Perhaps the upcoming Michelin Guide will cover some “new” restaurants that would interest you?

  3. i really like your blog and wish i had discovered it before my trip to Tokyo last week. will bookmark it and use it as a resource for my next visit :) i just published a post on konakara oden, and noticed that u went in 2007!

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