der Akkord (アコルト)

Apple jam pie and yomogi anpan. Just these two cost 997yen! But understandable since this bakery is 100% strict organic/macrobiotic: doesn’t use sugar, animal products or chemicals. All the ingredients are either homemade or carefully selected. Taste-wise…the yomogi bread tastes like grass and the red bean inside has a strange sour and salty taste…^^;; But the apple pie is crispy and the apple filling is sweet(natural kind). Very “whole food” tasting but quite like it.
Went back another day to get the pumpkin pie and coconut cake. The coconut cake has too much raisins in it…I gave up halfway. The pumpkin pie is good but I prefer the apple pie.
der Akkord
Add: 5-45-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-6419-2928

moomin bakery & cafe (ムーミンベーカリー&カフェ)

Dinner at this cute(bordering on tacky ^^;;) bakery cafe located inside an amusement park.
Bread is self-service and all-you-can-eat. A bit dry and not much varieties though. There is a toaster for you to reheat the bread yourself. Salad(630yen).
Salmon cream soup(525yen). Apparently Scandinavian specialty. It was already cold when it came out, and not much ingredients inside the soup.
Chef’s specialty: Pork saute in mushroom sauce(1470yen). Pretty normal…
The cafe is right underneath a roller-coaster. You can hear the screams while you eat there…^^;;;
Sandwich with salmon+cream cheese, and ham. Brie cheese and dried tomato. Take-out sandwiches are much better!
moomin bakery & cafe

Pain D’artisan Nicolas(closed)

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Nicolas is an unusual bakery which used to be this shabby and ugly little shop with no air-conditioning and dauntingly far from the city, yet it managed to attract fans from all over the country. I have visited a few times before, thanks to friends with cars. Now it has moved from the very obscure location to an American-ish mall, still not any closer to Tokyo. And to my mild disgust, the shop is right next to a massive supermarket, which has its own bakery too…
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060210 043Used to be takeout only, but now they have a few tables and you can order drinks from the counter. The croissant, teriyaki chicken bread with mustard, and cheese bread were all freshly baked and still hot, which made us grateful for the eat-in space. Bought loads to take home too.


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Back to this bakery which is absolutely lovely but unfortunately a tad too far from the city to visit often. The 1st floor bakery is always packed with people.
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本日のオススメ: お魚のポワレ(金目鯛を使って焦がしバターとローストアーモンドの香ばしいソースで)。パンの盛り合わせとスープ付きで、1400円。
Late lunch at the cafe on the 2nd floor.
Today menu: Pan-fried Kinmedai(Alfonsino), with burnt butter and roasted almond sauce. 1400yen set comes with a variety of bread and mushroom soup.
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For take-away: Apple tart. Carrot and pork sandwich. Pepper pork and pineapple sandwich.

Needless to say, everything is delicious. Loved the apple tart!

1950yen lunch set including dessert and drink.
Homemade sausage in soramame sauce.

Side order not included in the lunch set: “Pain Perdu” – literally “lost bread” – was a simple breakfast of day-old French bread dredged in beaten eggs and pan-fried in butter(copied from internet).


Boulangerie JEAN FRANÇOIS (ブーランジェリー ジャン・フランソワ)

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Semi-dried tomato, processed cheese and thyme. Gorgonzola and honey – not so much gorgonzola but very sweet with lots of honey.
Pumpkin(scone/biscuit texture, nice!). Camembert and olves.
061023 082061023 103
Croissant – popular item, very good. Ratatouille baguette sandwich – lots of sweet veggy.