Thai Restaurant PIRABKAO (ピラブカウ)

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Gosh it is terrible! Hard and juice-less pork and not even hot…I saw the girl microwaving the pork….-o-;; The coffee was disgusting sweet that I had one sip and gave up…
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060210 010タイ焼きダックチャーシュー丼、700円。
Second try. Thai grilled duck on rice. It is no good…just like last time.

炙焼 キンペイ

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Stir-fried Nikko pork natural salt. No good. The waitress recommended me Today’s lunch which was broiled fish, but I wasn’t in the mood for fish….should have listened to her cos the fish looked much better.

I was in front of the shop, the sign with its name was there, I could see people eating inside through the window, but I just couldn’t find the entrance for a long time…..turned out that the big obscured glass was a sliding door. ^^;;
炙焼 キンペイ


060208 005ミックスフライ定食(海老、白身魚、串揚げ4本)、800円。
Fried prawn, fried fish, and 4 kushiage(skewered and deep-fried) – quail eggs, tsukune, mushroom, stuffed bell pepper with minced meat. Very oily and thick coating…no good.


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At dinner. Szechuan style sparerib, 1239yen. Rice is 200yen. Hmm, the sparerib is very dry. A bit expensive for the quality.

大勝軒@南池袋 (Minami Ikebukuro Taishoken)

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Tsukemen(called mori-soba in this shop) with wonton and seasoned egg. Also a slice of pork at the bottom. Wonton is good but pork and egg are so-so. The noodles are cold by default, but you can also choose hot noodles for Tsukemen, which is probably a better idea in this weather. This shop is a branch of the very popular Taishoken in Higashi-Ikebukuro.
南池袋 大勝軒