Shark@Mejiro (シャーク@目白)

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パスタ2種盛り合わせ: 挽肉とアスパラのトマトソーススバゲッティ、サーモンとズッキーニのクリームソースペンネ。
Spaghetti with minced meat and asparagus in tomato sauce, and penne with salmon and zucchini in cream sauce. Came with appetizer, bread and coffee, 1050yen. Food was not too exciting but it filled me. The restaurant I wanted to go was full so just went next door for a quick lunch.

居残り連@品川 (Inokori Ren@Shinagawa)

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061030 033秋鮭のハーブソテー、1000円。
Salmon saute with rosemary. Very nice! Comes with appetizer, pumpkin miso soup(sweet) and rice. Very popular lunch place for salarymen and OLs – I went early so was immediately seated but when I left, there was a long queue outside. It is quite far from the Shinagawa station and no other alternatives nearby. I sat on the first-floor counter but there is a second floor. The retro building used to be an old Unagi(eels) restaurant which closed down two years ago. Renewed to this “western” restaurant, serving basically Japanese food with a western touch. Lunch menu seems to change everyday, today’s menu is here.


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本日のクレープ: ツナピザ&ローストポーク。
Today’s crepe lunch: Tuna pizza crepe and roasted pork crepe. Omelette with ketchup, persimmon and ham, and salad on the side, comes with coffee, 750yen. The crepe is made from rye and soba flour hence the natural brown colour. The texture is sticky and soft, served hot, very good! Also got a corn bread to take away, which has cous-cous mixed in the dough apparently, also good. I was sight-seeing(^^;;) around Waseda university with friends and I did check beforehand where to eat lunch but most of the recommended places were ramen or curry, and we weren’t in the mood for ramen or curry, so I grabbed a fashionably-dressed student, which was plenty around(^^;;), and asked her for nice places to have lunch and she recommended us this place. Good choice! The university area is very nice and pretty, too bad it was raining and kinda cold that day that we couldn’t walk around more.

Bar Del Sole@Shinagawa (高輪バール・デル・ソーレ@品川)

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061003 037.jpgマグロのカルパッチョ、いわしのエスカベーシュ、ベーコンとブロッコリーとインゲン豆のトマトソーススパゲッティ、豚ロースのグリル、ザバイオーネアイスとカフェマキアート、1000円。
Appetizer: tuna carpaccio and sardine escabeche. Pasta: bacon, broccoli and kidney beans in tomato sauce. Main: grilled pork. Cafe Macchiato and Zabaione ice-cream. Comes with salad and some really cold and hard bread. You need to choose 2 appetizers from 5, a pasta from 2, fish or meat for the main, rice or bread, even ice-cream and drinks have a long menu. I would have been overjoyed to have so many choices if the food had been good, but the quality was not worth all the fuss….Lunch was 1000yen, certainly cheap for a “full course” I guess. ^^;;;
Bar Del Sole