New York Grill (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

Came back for the holiday lunch buffet(see tag for the last visit). Appetizers are great as ever.
オーストラリア産牛リブアイのグリル 根セロリのレムラード 牛テールのソース。
岩手産豚ロースのグリル クラッシュポテトとキャベツ マスタードソース。
Main courses are chosen from the menu and are served when you are done with appetizers. I had the Grilled Australian Rib eye beef in ox-tail sauce, with celery root in remoulade sauce on the side. My friend had Grilled pork loin, mashed potato and cabbage in mustard sauce. While the main dishes aren’t as good as the appetizers, they are fairly decent.

0805240050Desserts from the buffet. A glass of champagne is also included.
New York Grill

The French Kitchen (フレンチ キッチン)


From the 5800yen(+10% service charge) lunch buffet.
Egg Benedict. A glass of champagne that is included.
Appetizer. Omelette with your choice of ingredients.
Second round of appetizer…
Main dish is chosen from the menu at beginning and is served when you are done with the appetizers. Braised lamb shoulder, merguez sausage, couscous and harissa.
Desserts. French toast.
You can choose the fruits from the counter and they are cut nicely and delivered to your table.
Refillable coffee or tea are also included.

Very good-value lunch buffet. I especially like the French toast, egg benedict(though not the usual fare with English muffins) and omelette. The restaurant is inside Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi Hills. Compared to New York Grill, I like all the hotel-breakfast menu here, but I think the appetizers and the desserts are better in NYG(the salad and appetizers are slightly on the oily side here). FK is cheaper though.
Menu here.

0908170068(Aug 17, 2009)
Went back on a weekday for the lunch buffet. It was much cheaper(Y3800) but there wasn’t as much variety of dishes as the weekend buffet – all the breakfast items(omelette/french toast) were not available. Also it didn’t come with champagne. I had the fish for the main this time, which was just okay.

自然食ビュッフェ 大地の贈り物 (Daichi no Okurimono)


Lunch buffet!
Fried chicken and simmered pork belly.
Aubergine tempura, simmered pumpkin, fried oysters.
Sweet egg roll, lotus and mentaiko salad, sweet potato tempura, cabbage roll, meat balls, harusame(vermicelli) salad and chimaki.
Rice with ume(sour plum) and jako(dried little fish) in it.
Nikujaga, fried tofu, grilled anko fish and mango cream bun.
Kanten and fruits. Homemade warabi mochi.

From the second visit. All veggy side dishes. 5-grain rice.
Kinoko mushroom cream stew. Salmon and Sensai(green veggy) rice. Lots of salad.
Steamed organic vegetables. Mitarashi dango and caramel pudding.

The food is nothing fantastic but okay quality, cooked in Japanese style and has a large variety of options. The restaurant’s name says “Natural food” so at first I thought it was organic food + healthy cooking but I think only the steamed veggy are organic. Also there are quite a few deep-fried things, and the cooked vegetables are all quite sweet(as in being cooked in sugar), so I guess it is not exactly that strict-healthy. Still you get to eat a lot of vegetables. The staff will shout whenever they bring something new from the kitchen, which is quite often thankfully. Original price for an adult with a time limit of 90mins is 1800yen, but I printed out the coupons from here and it became 1500yen.
大地の贈り物 (Daichi no Okurimono)
Add: 4F, 1-20-11 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3836-2640

Italian Dining Ventaglio(Mandarin Oriental Tokyo)



From the 5000yen dinner buffet. Everything is from the buffet except the pasta which you pick from 2 choices and they bring to you from the kitchen. I was a bit shocked that they brought us the pasta while we were just starting our appetizers… Anyway, the food is mediocre at best. Most of the appetizers are strong with herb(as mentioned in the homepage). The cooked meat are slightly better.
Italian Dining Ventaglio

New York Grill (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

Weekend brunch buffet, 6200yen. Includes a glass of sparkling wine.
Salmon mousse and other appetizer from the buffet.
More appetizers.
You get a variety of main dishes to choose from. I had the roasted Australian baby lamb, with spicy minced lamb meat. The meat was very tender and perfectly cooked but it was just simple grilled lamb that I got tired of it after finishing one slice(there were three thick slices!) I wish there were some sauce or spice to go with it.
I thought I didn’t have space for desserts…but I was wrong. Three of us clean-swept the dessert bar.
The restaurant is on the 52th floor of Park Hyatt. Too bad it was raining that day otherwise the view would be stunning.
I’m not a big fan of buffet but this place is nice! Food is good, and the atmosphere is relaxing. If you don’t order extra drinks, your bill will be less than 7000yen.
New York Grill (English review here)