issa (日本茶と豆乳のカフェ いっさ)



Rice bowl with marinated duck. Shiro-choco: hot matcha with white chocolate.
A cute cafe in Akihabara offering a variety of rice bowls and drinks made from matcha and soy milk. The food is of simple, cafe quality and the portion is quite small. Though the price is cheap and it seems to be very popular with OLs and salarymen.
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(19 July 2005)
Hotspring egg and dry curry rice bowl. Iced matcha and red bean drink.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3.

Add: 2-3-24, Sudacho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-5294-3636

Liberal Table Cafe


Salad with 5 Toppings, 580yen. Green peas potage, 380yen.
Dried curry set, 850yen. Comes with a small salad and drink(I had hot peach tea). Quite sweet curry with lots of raisins in it. Tastes healthy.

Whenever I feel like I am lacking vegetables I will come here. The salad bowl is huge and stomach-filling. The soup changes every week, mostly potage soup which is always a little too thick for some reason. Once they had minestrone and it was good. This place promotes detox diet, in which you basically just eat vegetables, fruits, and drink herb tea.
Liberal Table Cafe

moomin bakery & cafe (ムーミンベーカリー&カフェ)

Dinner at this cute(bordering on tacky ^^;;) bakery cafe located inside an amusement park.
Bread is self-service and all-you-can-eat. A bit dry and not much varieties though. There is a toaster for you to reheat the bread yourself. Salad(630yen).
Salmon cream soup(525yen). Apparently Scandinavian specialty. It was already cold when it came out, and not much ingredients inside the soup.
Chef’s specialty: Pork saute in mushroom sauce(1470yen). Pretty normal…
The cafe is right underneath a roller-coaster. You can hear the screams while you eat there…^^;;;
Sandwich with salmon+cream cheese, and ham. Brie cheese and dried tomato. Take-out sandwiches are much better!
moomin bakery & cafe

DADA CAFE (ダダカフェ)

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060620 095.jpgDADAのしっかりプリン、ごまのブランマンジェ、ライチと木苺のサイダー。
Caramel pudding and sesame seed blanc manger are alright, but lychee and raspberry cider is very good! The jelly on top is lychee and liqueur flavour, so yummy. An old-style Japanese house converted cafe. Can check out the interior here and here. The atmosphere is relaxing, and if you get to sit on the sofa you wouldn’t want to get up for hours, but unfortunately when I went there was some noisy construction work going on right in front of the cafe…well I didn’t have hours anyway. ^^;;