Bon Chemin (ボンシュマン)

Delicious and hot homemade bread which kept coming. Must have had about four…
Chilled carrot potage.
Panfried fresh foie gras and foie gras terrine. A slice of toast at the bottom and homemade fig jam on the side. The terrine is soooooo good, even better than the fresh foie gras.
Baby lamb in Anchovy cream sauce. The lamb is very tender and soft. Surprisingly huge portion for a cute restaurant like this. Moussaka(lamb and aubergine) on the side is also good.

0804070052My friend’s pork cassoulet.
Matcha rollcake with black beans in black honey cream sauce. Just a piece of rollcake for dessert was a bit disappointing at first but it was very smooth and delicious so I was satisfied at the end.

Lunch course is 3000yen but the foie gras appetizer has a 1500yen additional charge. Glass wine is about 800yen. Cheaper 1800yen lunch course is also available. I like the food, the interior which makes you feel very at home and the friendly service here.

It is located halfway between Gakugeidaigaku(学芸大学) and Yuutenji(祐天寺). There is a very cute cake shop called Patisserie SOURIRE in the same block and is a must check.

Bon Chemin
Add: 2-40-5 Gohongi, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3791-3900

Salle à manger (サラマンジェ@虎ノ門)

サラダ ガストロノミ。
ブーダン・ノワールとレンズ豆、林檎 バナナのラグー。
Salad gastronomy: smoked duck breast, foie gras, karasumi, cresson(water cress). Boudin Noir with lentil, apple and banana ragu.

0712080007詰め物をしたホロホロ鳥のロースト キノコとフォワ・グラのソース。
蝦夷鹿ロースト 赤すぐりソース。
Stuffed guinea fowl, mushroom and foie gras sauce.
Hokkaido venison with redcurrant sauce.
Lamb shank Cassoulet.

Oven-baked la France(European pear) with ice-cream. Chocolate cake.

This place calls itself “Oyaji‘s French”, basically saying that the food is macho, meat-heavy, straightforward, no fancy presentation and no sensational fanfare of creative fusion which is more pleasing to female customers. I starved myself at lunch to prepare for this dinner, but turned out that it is not that macho afterall. The menu is mainly meat dishes, but the portion is not too big. Surprisingly the taste is quite delicate and never too greasy or salty. Two of us shared two appetizers and THREE main courses, before we had desserts. Everything we ordered was delicious, except perhaps the chocolate cake which was grossly sweet. Among the 3 main dishes we had, I like the guinea fowl the most. The bill was about 10,000yen per person including a glass of champagne and 2 glasses of wine and also coffee. Not exactly cheap, but not overpriced either. The interior is not so pretty – it is more like a cheap yoshoku place than a French restaurant. But the young waiter is friendly and the chef, whom you can see cooking all by himself in the open kitchen, is also helpful in explaining the menu.

Salle à manger
Add: B1, 1-11-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-6903-6730

Le Clos Montmartre (ル・クロ・モンマルトル)

050927 021.jpg050927 022.jpg

050927 025.jpg050927 033.jpg

050927 041.jpgチーズ風味のシュー温野菜詰め。ローストポーク プルーン風味。マロンタルト。
Cheese chou stuffed with vegetables. Roasted pork with prunes. Marron tart. Total 2415yen.

0413 001.jpg0413 005.jpg
1680yen lunch. Hare and potato salad. Cassoulet. Includes coffee or glass wine.