神田まつや (Kanda Matsuya)


Famous soba place established in 1884. The present building – dated from 1925 – is one of the historical architectures in Tokyo.
Soba toro(grated yam). Tendon(rice with prawn tempura).
かしわ南ばん、¥950。 力うどん、¥950。
Kashiwa(chicken) Nanban. Chikara(grilled mochi) udon.
Nishin soba – soba with smoked sweet-flavoured herring(Kyoto origin). The fish tastes like the canned ones…not my cup of tea.
Kamo-nanban(Duck soba). Very good!
親子南ばん、¥1000。 花巻、¥850。
Oyako(chicken and egg) Nanban. Hana-maki – soba with seaweed.
Kamo(duck) Seiro. Curry Nanban.
Nabe-yaki udon – udon hotpot.
おかめとじ、¥1000。 おかめ、¥950。
(Right)Okame soba : soba with Yuba, tamago-yaki, shiitake mushroom, kamaboko, bamboo shoot, seaweed, spinach.
(Left)Okame-toji soba: Okame soba with egg on top. Very good!
寄せ鍋うどん、¥1200。 小田巻きむし、¥1100。
Yosenabe Udon. Super delicious! So many ingredients(including my beloved mochi) in it.
Odamakimushi: chawanmushi with udon(just a little bit) at the bottom. Need to wait for 15mins but totally worth it.
かき揚天丼、¥1000。 雛そば くさきり、¥1000。
Kakiage-tendon. Not only kakiage, but also two prawn tempura. The prawns are smaller than the more expensive “Tendon”, but tasty enough.
Soba made with yomogi(limited period).

Not only soba, udon is good too. Tsuyu(soup) is delicious. Nothing I ordered was disappointing but yosenabe and okame-toji stand out the most. Portion is not big, so I always order L portion, which is an extra 100yen(the price quoted above are all for regular portion). The staff are very friendly but they don’t keep very good track of who ordered what. I always order L size but they never remember that – I have to remind them to charge me 100yen more each time. ^^;;

Look at the queue during New Year holiday…normally it is crowded and you may have to wait a bit and share a table during busy lunch hour, but I’ve never seen a queue like this outside a soba place…
Menu(J): 1, 2.
Add: 1-13, Sudacho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3251-1556

板前心 菊うら (Itamaegokoro Kikuura)

5250yen dinner course. They only have one prefix course, plus some a la carte menu.
Appetizer: Prawn, abalone, ginger, cream cheese with ika no shiokara, bream and aubergine roll.
Suppon turtle chawanmushi. This is so good!
Maguro, karei, squid sashimi. Very fresh.
Uni is not included in the dinner course. Side order is 1500yen.
Grilled Tachiuo and summer vegetables. The fish is smooth and juicy.
Fried suzuki(sea bass) and aubergine, with ume(sour plum) ankake sauce. Miso soup has fish in it, which makes it sweet.

2681178290096864855Oeuqqq_fsDessert is panna cotta and almond pudding. Almond pudding is better.

All the food are delicious. I have come here about 3 years ago(see tag) and really loved the experience, so I am glad that quality and value haven’t dropped. I sat in the private room last time while I had the counter seat this time. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, there is a waiter who can speak a little English and is willing to explain the menu to foreigners.

Itamaegokoro Kikuura(菊うら
Tel: 03-5389-5581
Add: 7-16-3, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from West Exit of Shinjuku Station
Open: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-23:00

霞町 すゑとみ (Kasumicho Suetomi)

060220 110060220 113
I was expecting some stylish and upscale Japanese washoku place, so I was a little taken back by the entrance which is impossible to spot and far from pretty. Inside is very basic and small, with only 10 counter seats. Forgot the exact price, but the cheapest lunch course I ordered was about 3000yen.
Ankimo chawanmushi. Absolutely delicious!! Has a hint of vinegar.
060220 116060220 120
Anago steamed with rice.
Cod shirako osuimono(clear broth). The shirako is so creamy and rich~.
060220 122060220 127
Lotus root manju. Very mochi-mochi.
Grilled hachiuo. Fatty and juicy fish.
060220 130060220 132
Jako(little fish) rice. Miso soup is very good. Dessert is lotus root cake. Reminds me of chinese dim sum but very good.

The environment might not be up to much but the food is to die for. Good value for this kind of proper kaiseki-ish washoku too.
霞町 すゑとみ (Kasumicho Suetomi)
Add: 3F, 4-2-13 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5466-1270

Warasou 和楽惣

060130 065060130 066
豆腐。 メジマグロと鯛。
6000yen dinner course(the cheapest course in the menu).
Homemade tofu. Meji-maguro and tai(bream).
060130 072060130 076
サバ、胡麻和え。 揚げ茄子とそぼろとチンゲン菜。
Mackerel with sesame seed.
Fried aubergine and minced meat.
060130 080060130 082
Shirako chawanmushi(mochi and seaweed in it).
Simmered sparerib.
060130 085060130 090
Grilled sawara fish with salt.
Chicken tataki(seared).
060130 091060130 094
Fried anago. Nikujaga and curry rice.
060130 060060130 099
Some of the dishes are very much the common souzai(惣菜) – Japanese side dishes that you eat with rice. Indeed I craved rice desperately, especially when having the aubergine and the sparerib cos they had strong taste. Overall the food is great. Love the chawanmushi. A lot of meat for a Japanese course.

The waitress didn’t know anything whatever we asked her about the menu. The waiter did seem to know but wasn’t quite eager to tell us much. They charged us 2000yen more than they should have…lucky my friend noticed it. No apologies from the staff about the mistake whatsoever. Have to conclude that the service is spotty at best. Shame though cos the food is good…