DIRITTO (ディリット@幡ヶ谷)

061210 003061210 013
Location very local but the decor is surprisingly stylish. Service is friendly and accomodating. Three of us went and tried out the 5000yen dinner course. Everything in the pictures are included for one person.
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旬をひとくち: 厚岸産の赤貝。
Potato foccacia and walnut bread were so good that we simply couldn’t stop eating them and even asked for a second helping. The complementary appetizer was ark shell – just simple sashimi with olive oil but very fresh and sweet.
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三陸産 牡蠣とかぶのフリカッセ。
シチリア産 からすみのスバゲッティー。
Oyster and turnip fricassée.
Karasumi spaghetti.
061210 039061210 040
Mushroom Tagliatelle. Blood orange sorbet.
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ニュージーランド産 仔羊の炭焼き。
Charcoal-grilled baby lamb(left pic).
The main dish is fixed for the 5000yen course, but one of my friends can’t eat lamb and they kindly let her choose a different main dish from the a la carte. She had the Wagyu tail simmered in red wine(right pic).
061210 066CIMG1102

061210 057DIRITTO風クレープシュゼット。
Crepe suzette. Apple creme brulee. I like the creme brulee better.
Many choices of tea were available, also coffee and cappuccino.

Every single dish is absolutely delicious. Simple but the great combination of fresh and nicely prepared ingredients is more than enough to satisfy. I had a glass of champagne and about 2 glasses of wine, and the bill was less than 7000yen for each person – a bargain for this type of quality. Definitely a favourite!
Menu for the 7000yen course here(Japanese). Dessert menu here.
Add: 3-55-2 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-5350-6588

Bistro Chez AZUMA (シェ・アズマ)

060819 025.jpg060819 029.jpg
Organic salad. Most are cooked vegetables, very nice!
Marinated sea bream.

060819 034.jpgオニオングラタンスープ。
My god this is the best onion soup I have ever had! The soup is clear but with rich onion flavour; the soft slices of onions, the grilled melted cheese, the French bread soaked with the soup, are all perfect! I want to eat it again~~

060819 040.jpg060819 043.jpg
Roasted lamb with dried tomato sauce. The lamb is soft and not too fatty, the sauce has strong herb and chilli flavour, the side potato gratin is good too. Then I was a bit disppointed when the dessert came out…but the Creme Brulee has very rich vanilla flavour, and the mango sorbet and the peach compote are not bad.
We ordered the 5000yen dinner course. The salad, the sea bream and the lamb came in big plates for sharing between two people. The onion gratin soup and the dessert are of course for one person. We printed out a coupon from the homepage and got ourselves free Kir Royal, very good and strong alcohol for a free drink! Also ordered glass wine later but it was like 600yen a glass, very cheap. The only thing is, whether you order A la carte or full course, you have to share from a big plate and split yourself….and I am the laziest person on earth and hate doing that especially in French or Italian restaurants…the food gets cold quickly. ^^;;

Toshi Yoroizuka

060803 002.jpgCreme Brulee Pistache, with lavender ice-cream. It is very good!! The pistachio cream(cold) is very rich, and the surface is grilled crispy. Only thing is the cream is quite heavy and it is so big that it is surprisingly hard to finish. I wish the ice-cream were bigger and the creme brulee were smaller, then it would be perfect. When I went on a weekday lunchtime, the eat-in space was full(only 6 seats) and 2 people before me were waiting. I had to wait for about 20 minutes, but after me….people kept coming and coming and I counted 11 people waiting…-o-;;;

060803 026.jpg060803 053.jpg
Bought lots to take away: galette(round cookie), financier plain and financier Earl Grey(rectangular), Amande(almond, rich with egg and butter, my favourite!) and chocolate cake with walnut(very rich too).
051111 022.jpg051111 024.jpg

051111 019.jpg栗と洋梨、チョコレートとピスタチオ、ラムの効いたケーキ。
Chestnut and pear. Chocolate and pistachio. Rum and something I forgot…

051119 029.jpgチョコレートスフレ(フランボワーズソース付き)、1000円。
Chocolate Souffle with raspberry sauce.

0523 028.jpg0523 031.jpg

0523 033.jpgクレープの巾着包み、1000円。赤いフルーツのスープとピスタチオのアイス、1000円。
Crepe wrap(?). Fruit soup with pistachio ice-cream.

051022 009.jpg051022 014.jpg
Chestnut and chocolate Mont Blanc with rum ice-cream and pear sauce. Cassis cake with fig.
Toshi Yoroizuka

Lauburu (ローブリュー)

0605017 003.jpg0605017 006.jpg
A country-style French restaurant specialised in pork. Reviews on the internet are always full of gasps on how huge how massive the portions are, so I was really looking forward to get totally stuffed. 2 of us decided to share just one appetizer and two main courses, and desserts later.
Appetizer: country-style pate. The picture is half portion. To be honest I was a bit shocked how thin it was…I needn’t to have worried at all, I could easily finish one portion myself. Anyway, it was good, liver and meat and fat all in good balance. Unfortunately the baguette they served was unbelievably hard and dry and impossible to eat…hmm. The snack was fried pork skin, didn’t dare eating too much even though it was good with wine(^^;).
0605017 013.jpg0605017 016.jpg
Pork rib roast was wonderful! Very juicy and tender. It was over 3400yen, definitely not cheap, and the portion was supposed to be large, so I was a bit disappointed when it came out “normal size”. The pork knuckle confit was about 2800yen, and it was just as I pictured it, very huge! But then the center bone was big, and most of the edible part was all fats with very little meat, my friend didn’t want to eat the fats part so basically I had to finish it…err…I was not that full and I do like fatty pork, but meatless plain fats always get me a little sick(^^;;).
0605017 019.jpg0605017 023.jpg
Gateau basque, a bit old and stale…hmm. Creme brulee is very simple but very good! With a glass of wine each, it was 6000yen per person.


0605021 013.JPG0605021 018.jpg
鮪・林檎のタルタル仕立て ウズラの卵添え、空豆の冷製スープとともに。 Tuna and apple Tartare, with quail egg and cold horse bean soup.
0605021 022.jpg0605021 025.jpg
築地よりの鮮魚 フレッシュトマトとアサリ、ニースオリーブとハーブのソース。グレープフルーツとヴェルヴェンヌのグラニテ。
Pan-fried fish with fresh tomato, clam, Nice olive and herb sauce. Grapefruit and Verveine granite.
0605021 028.jpg0605021 031.jpg
フランス ヴァンデ産マグレ鴨のロースト、南仏赤ワインとイベリコ豚のチョリソーのソース。春のデザート。
Roasted duck, red wine and Iberico pork chorizo sauce. The dessert is some kind of gratin…ingredient unknown(^^;;) Overall was not bad, characteristically strong herb seasoning, I liked the fish but my friend thought it was a failed attempt of Fish in Acqua Pazza, I thought the duck was a bit hard but my friends said theirs were alright.

Restaurant MIYAHARA (レストラン ミヤハラ)

0924 002.jpg0924 007.jpg0924 004.jpg

0924 008.jpg0924 011.jpg

0924 012.jpg0924 014.jpg
3500yen lunch. Scallop and salmon millefeuille, tomato soup, lamb stew and tea creme brulee. I like the grilled vegetables on the side and the dessert.
0530 011.jpg0530 016.jpg
1575yen lunch. Salad, duck confit, passion fruit sorbet and coffee.