DIRITTO (ディリット@幡ヶ谷)

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Location very local but the decor is surprisingly stylish. Service is friendly and accomodating. Three of us went and tried out the 5000yen dinner course. Everything in the pictures are included for one person.
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旬をひとくち: 厚岸産の赤貝。
Potato foccacia and walnut bread were so good that we simply couldn’t stop eating them and even asked for a second helping. The complementary appetizer was ark shell – just simple sashimi with olive oil but very fresh and sweet.
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三陸産 牡蠣とかぶのフリカッセ。
シチリア産 からすみのスバゲッティー。
Oyster and turnip fricassée.
Karasumi spaghetti.
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Mushroom Tagliatelle. Blood orange sorbet.
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ニュージーランド産 仔羊の炭焼き。
Charcoal-grilled baby lamb(left pic).
The main dish is fixed for the 5000yen course, but one of my friends can’t eat lamb and they kindly let her choose a different main dish from the a la carte. She had the Wagyu tail simmered in red wine(right pic).
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061210 057DIRITTO風クレープシュゼット。
Crepe suzette. Apple creme brulee. I like the creme brulee better.
Many choices of tea were available, also coffee and cappuccino.

Every single dish is absolutely delicious. Simple but the great combination of fresh and nicely prepared ingredients is more than enough to satisfy. I had a glass of champagne and about 2 glasses of wine, and the bill was less than 7000yen for each person – a bargain for this type of quality. Definitely a favourite!
Menu for the 7000yen course here(Japanese). Dessert menu here.
Add: 3-55-2 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-5350-6588

La Pitchouli de Loulou(ラ・ピッチョリー・ド・ルル)

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The food is great! The taste is heavy but it is very cold outside, and rich-tasting meat dishes go with wine. The waitors are all smiley and friendly. 2 of us shared all the food, 2 glasses of wine each, and coffee at the end too. We were really stuffed.
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Sausages as amuse. Organic vegetables.
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Boudin Noir – pig blood sausages. Foie gras and shiitake mushroom terrine.
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Coq au vin: Chicken in red wine stew. Grilled pork shoulder meat.
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Crepe Suzette and apple tart.
La Pitchouli de Loulou