インドレストラン マンダラ (Mandara)

Chicken Butter Masara(Chicken curry with tomato flavour).
Fruits yogurt.

I LOVE this Indian restaurant in Jinbocho! I don’t usually crave Indian food but the curry and the naan here have me completely addicted. This restaurant was featured in a popular Japanese comic about gourmet food called Oishinbo which I haven’t read unfortunately. From the website, this restaurant seems to be under the same group as this and this Thai restaurant, both of which I tried long time ago and didn’t really like. The chef of this Indian restaurant in Akihabara used to work in Mandara, but the quality is nowhere near it.

Mandara is opened for lunch everyday of the week. Lunch B(Y1155) consists of one curry of your choice, naan, saffron rice, and fruits yogurt. Lunch A(Y1575) is Lunch B plus 1pc of Tandoori Chicken and 1pc of Sheekh Kebab. You can choose the spicy level. Level 1 and 2 aren’t hot enough so I always choose 3. I think I’ve tried all the curries available at lunch time. I can’t actually pick a favourite cos everything is so nice but the most famous one is Chicken Butter Masara.
マサラチャイ(マサラティー) 、420円。
Noorjahani(Chicken and Liver curry). Masala Chai, Y420.
Vegetable curry. Mini Sweet Lassi, Y210.
Shrimp Butter Masara(Shrimp with tomato flavour).
Mushroom curry.
Mutton curry. I don’t really like the saffron rice here so I always mix it with the leftover curry after finishing the naan.
Sag Chicken Curry(Green spinach cooked with onion and spices).
Egg curry.
Keema curry. Shrimp curry.
Dal Makahni(Curry with 3 kinds of beans).
Chicken curry.

Fish Curry(Sword fish).

Menu: lunch set, Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat01, Sat02, Sun01, Sun02, Sun03.

インドレストラン マンダラ (Mandara)
Add: B1, 2-17, Jinbocho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3265-0498

Gurgaon (グルガオン)


Gurgaon Salad.
Cheese Kulcha – Garlic pizza with melted cheese inside.
Tandoori Chicken. Pina colada.
Spinach and Paneer(cheese) curry. Tandoori Chapati.
Naan with raisin and nuts. Traditional Brinjal(aubergine) curry in Tomato gravy.
Chicken Keema curry. Naan.
Dal Halwa – green bean cake. Masala Tea.

Very popular Indian restaurant in Ginza. You can only reserve a table for around 6:30pm on a weekday – later than that they don’t take reservations and you must wait outside. The queue was crazy when we went on a Thurs evening. The food is nice, but not sure if it is worth queuing for. Taste-wise it is very very mild in general – the Chicken Keema curry is supposed to be one of the hottest item but it isn’t really that spicy. The naan with raisin and nuts is interesting but doesn’t go with curry – nice on its own though. All the food are shared between 3 people, plus drinks(not that much), about 4000yen each. Not incredibly good value I would say. The dinner and party course seems to be a better deal.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Add: B1, Ginza 1-6-13, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3563-0623


060901 002.jpg060901 004.jpg
One of my friends said this Nepal/Indian restaurant was famous but at lunch time they only do buffets(950yen), which I tried anyway. There were four different kinds of curries(chicken curry was the best), naan and saffron rice, some fried snacks and simple salad, yogurt, chai and coffee. It is really not bad for a buffet lunch. The naan were cut into small pieces so you could take a small piece at a time and wait for new ones coming out hot from the oven when the old ones got cold.
060917 020.jpg060917 022.jpg
Went back for dinner. Nepal steamed dumplings “momo” – just like the chinese “sho lon po” but with lamb meat and thicker skin, quite nice though. The sauce in the middle was quite spicy. Cheese naan, very soft and the melted cheese had onion in it.
060919 006.jpg060919 014.jpg
シェフサラダ、480円。タンドリー スペアリブ、1300円。
Chef’s salad. Gosh isn’t it massive for 480yen?! A bit too much dressing.
Tandoori sparerib was absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t stop munching the bones covered in chilli paste. The meat was not as soft and tender as I had hoped but the hot spicy flavour satisfied my tastebuds so no complaints.
060925 019.jpg060925 012.jpg

060925 005.jpg豚あばら肉煮込みカレー(コルマソース)、ナン付きで1280円。マンゴヤンラッシ、480円。
Back to this nice local curry place. Pork sparerib curry(Korma sauce). Mild and creamy, very nice! The naan is soft and hot from the oven as usual, very massive but so good that you can finish it in no time and want more. Mango Lassi cocktail – very sweet and quite strong in alcohol.

Delhi Ueno-ten (デリー上野店)

0605027 021.jpgバターチキン、1000円。 Butter chicken curry, good good, but it is actually not cheap for a simple curry with only two pieces of chicken in it. ^^;;

060412 035.jpgカシミールカレー、900円。Kashmir chicken curry. The hottest curry on the menu and it was devilishly hot….tongue numb, nose running as usual…very good though(the first few spoonfuls).

A・RAJ (エー・ラージ)

060326 025.jpg060326 038.jpg
マドラス パロータ(キーマと野菜、玉子入りパロータ)。
Paratha stuffed with chicken, egg and vegetable. Super yummy!
060326 029.jpg060326 030.jpg
サンバール ワダ(豆粉のスパイシードーナツ 野菜入り豆カレーがけ)。シェフのサラダ。
Vada made of lentil flour topped with vegetable and beans curry. Chef’s salad.
060326 072.jpg060326 033.jpg
キーマ サモサ(ひき肉入り インド風揚げギョウザ)。クリームソース漬けのタンドーリーキチン。
Kheema Samosa. Cream sauce Tandoori chicken.
060326 039.jpg060326 044.jpg
Dosa stuffed with spicy potatoes. Dosa stuffed with onions.
060326 047.jpg060326 063.jpg
Rice pancake topped with onions. Minced chicken and spinach curry.
060326 068.jpg060326 065.jpg
Mutton curry. Tamarind Rice.
Everything tasted great! And very cheap too. Shared between 4 people. Including drinks, about 4000yen per person.

Dhaba India (ダバ インディア)

060312 070.jpg060312 088.jpg
マサラドーサ。Crepe with potato inside.
060312 075.jpg060312 079.jpg
Lamb shoulder meat curry. Minced chicken curry(very spicy and very good!).
060312 084.jpg060312 086.jpg
Fish curry, a bit too “fishy”? Chick peas curry, slightly bitter but good too.
Dhaba India

A・RAJ (エー・ラージ)

0603 012.jpg0603 016.jpg

0603 017.jpgマトンドーサセット:マトンカレー+ドーサ(南インドクレープ)+チャイかコーヒー、1300円。
Mutton curry, Indian crepe with spicy potatoes, extra naan. The japanese waitress was dressed in sari, nice!