Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo (レストランひらまつ広尾)


Taraba crab meat and avocado with ham-flavour jelly.
春野菜と小イカ、ルージェのサラダ仕立て オリーヴのピューレとハーブのドレッシング。
仔羊のロースト タイム風味 グリュイエールチーズとジャガイモのガレット添え。
Salade de légumes printaniers au calamar et au rouget sautés, puree d’olives aux herbes.
Carré d’agneau rôti au thym, galette de pommes de terre au Gruyère.

Warm salad of spring vegetables, squid, rouget(grilled fish, only two tiny pieces though).
The lamb was soft but the expected nice smell of roasted meat wasn’t present for some reason. Polenta with orange sauce on top was nice though.
The staff brought the cheese wagon after the main dish and since we were not full and still had some wine left so we ordered some.
オレンジのムースグラッセ ミルフィーユ仕立てチョコレートのサヴァランと共に。
“Mille-feuille” de mousse a l’orange glacée, savarin au chocolat.

Lunch was 6300yen(a cheaper 4200yen lunch was also available but the menu didn’t appeal to us) plus 15% service charge. Had a glass of wine, and cheese, came up to about 11,000yen. Food is okay….a bit bland-tasting overall, and the portion is small. Petit fours looked great but tasted disappointing. Very nice environment though, with window seats overlooking a park.

Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo (レストランひらまつ広尾)
Add: 5-15-13 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-3444-3967

Cucina Siciliana Archimede (アルキメーデ@神泉)

Came here before(see tag) and left with the regret of not being able to finish everything cos it was just too much food. This time I skipped breakfast and lunch to prepare for this meal…very determined!!
Liver paste and pork rillette.
Turnip soup. 10 appetizers to share between 2 people.

Sardine roll and fish meat balls. Deep-fried little white fish.
サフランを練りこんだタリオリーニ 紅ズワイカニとあさり・ルーコラのソース。
Saffron tagliolini with red zuwai crab, clam and Rucola sauce.
Chocolate papprdelle with stewed venison sauce.
Pasta is homemade and al dente cooked. Both dishes are very good! Portion is for 2 people.
骨付き仔羊肉のハーブ風味のパン粉オーブン焼き じゃがいものロースト添え(骨付き250g)。
かくまさんの豚肉 脂身をはずした芯ロース肉のソテー 生ハムのせ 赤ピーマンのメッシーナ風(160g)。
My main dish: Oven-grilled lamb chop(250g including the bones) with herb and breadcrumbs, and roasted potatoes.
My friend’s: Pork loin(160g) Saute, with ham and bell pepper.
My lamb is the second item from the top of the main dish menu, which means it is second in terms of size. I was stuffed by the end but I finished it!! Phew!!
Marron mille-feuille and custard pudding.

Dinner course is 6000yen per person including dessert and coffee. Tax included and no service charge. Glass wine is 900yen. The price is very reasonable, especially for the amount of food you get. Quality-wise, it is a bit salty in taste but good in a home-cooked sort of way.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.

Add: 2-8 Shinsencho, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-5489-6850

Édition Koji Shimomura (エディション・コウジ シモムラ)


From 6300yen lunch.
Boudin Noir(pork blood sausage) petit hamburger.
Foie gras terrine and fruits.
Shungiku and squid ink sauce.
Roasted lamb chop.
A little performance of mixing lemon vinegar with herb and changing the colour from purple to pink.
Chocolate Ganche. Cocoa mixed mineral water.
Birthday cake pre-ordered for a friend. It is white chocolate mousse with raspberry. Fresh herb tea. Petit fours. Soybean and endive root pudding. Pastry crisp with pumpkin seed and pumpkin paste.

See tag for my first visit to this place. The friend who arranged this lunch party is a big fan of this restaurant, so he always picks this place whenever we gather for someone’s birthday. I like the birthday cake and the main dish more this time, but the appetizers are not as good as last time.
Édition Koji Shimomura
Add: 3-1-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5549-4562

Arossa Ginza (アロッサ銀座店)

Avocado and anchovy salad.
Chicken liver, lard and crouton.
Sauteed baby lamb sweetbread, red onion, orange and walnut salad.
Roasted New Zealand venison with redcurrant and cassis.
Grilled lamb chop.
Lasagna with white fromage blanc, zucchini, pine nuts and dried grapes.

Came back to try the dinner(See tag for lunch visit). The food is overall very good. The chicken liver is amazing – one of the best I have ever had! The lamb is pefectly cooked, but it can’t beat the venison which is super tender and juicy and the sauce is wonderful. The only bad idea was Lasagna….it was so terrible. Food is reasonably priced, but if you order wine by the glass, it can get quite expensive – probably wiser to order bottles.
Arossa Ginza (English review here)
Add: 8th Ginza Velvia-kan, 2-4-6 Ginza
Tel: 03-5524-1146


Fantastic view from the 35th floor of Marunouchi building.

甘エビ、北海道産帆立貝と完熟マンゴーのタルタル カクテル仕立て。
I was surprised to see that they have very reasonably priced lunch course starting from 1800yen. We went for the special Southern France selection lunch course, 5040yen.
Sweet prawn, scallop and mango Tartare.
パルマ産生ハム・吉田豚のリエット・本日のシャルキュトリーの一皿 オーガニックサラダ添え。
Parma Prosciutto, Pork rillette and pate with pistachio.
南仏の香りをまとった仔羊背肉のロースト ラタトゥイユ添え ジュのソース。
Roasted baby lamb with ratatouille.
Blueberry creme brulee with milk ice-cream.

AUXAMIS started off as a wine bar so we decided to go for the 1890yen wine tasting course which includes 3 glasses(2/3 glass each) of wine that go with the amuse-bouche, appetizer and main dish. I forgot to take pictures of one of the wine but you can check out my friend’s blog for the complete selection. The champagne and dessert wine in the pictures here are not included in the wine-tasting course. The food is overall good. The meaty appetizer is nice but indeed quite impossible to eat without wine. The massive lamb chop is tender and juicy; the amount of fat is a bit scary but with the help of the tasty veggy sauce I devoured the whole thing.

Menu: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Apicius (アピシウス)



エスカルゴのラビオリ 野菜のフリットと共に。
Iidako(octopus) in tomato sauce.
Ravioli of escargot with vegetable frit.
フォワグラのポワレ グリーンピースのトリュフ風味煮込み添え。
仔羊のロースト 蕪のコンフィ添え ローズマリー風味。
Saute of foie gras with stewed green peas, truffle flavour.
Roasted lamb with turnip confit, rosemary flavour.
Mango mousse, cheese cake and Saint Honoré.

Had the lunch course B(5000yen), but changed the meat dish from beef steak to roasted lamb which is the main dish option of the lunch course A(8000) with an additional charge of 1000yen. Also added the foie gras(4260yen) from the a la carte menu. Four of us shared a bottle champagne and it was about 15,000yen for me. The lamb was soft and tender but had a bit too much fat. The rest was good but could be better, especially the foie gras. Even though the a la carte menu sounds so tempting and hard to resist(in fact everyone in my table changed this added that…no one stuck to the basic lunch course ^^;;), value-wise it is not so great. The environment is nice though – we stayed for like 4 hours. ^^;;
Lunch menu here.
Add: B1, 1-9-4 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3214-1361

Ginza La Tour (ラ・トゥール)

6500yen lunch course.
Huge bread…for one person!
殻つきオマール海老の温かいサラダ仕立て トマトラヴィゴットソース。
Amuse-bouche – salmon mousse rolled in salmon. Colourful plate.
Lobster warm salad, tomato ravigote sauce. The lobster is a bit overcooked~.
本日の魚: カサゴのグリーンアスパラソース。
Today’s fish: Kasago in green asparagus sauce. The sauce is super delicious!
More bread~
Chicken soup, cappuccino style. Warm and full of flavour.
Grilled lamb chop. Soft and tender. Very very good.
Wagon dessert. Usually you choose a few of what you want but the server saw our greedy faces and suggested “Why not all?” ^^;;; Four different types of sorbet and a bit of everything from the wagon. All are good! Not too sweet too.
Herb tea. And a few choices for the petit fours. I had macarons.
Free refill for the herb tea. Pretty cups here and here.

I love the main and the dessert. The service is great. Very friendly staff. The wagon dessert is only available during weekdays lunch time though.
Menu: 1, 2, 3.
Ginza La Tour
Add: 5F, Kojun building, 6-8-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3569-2211
The restaurant is right above Barneys.