Au goût du jour Nouvelle Ère (ヌーヴェルエール)

Very nice view of the old red brick facade of Tokyo station.
The bread is very good.
Amuse: Pork pate puff.
Appetizer: Warm smoked salmon with sesame seed, wasabi cream sauce. Delicious! Couldn’t taste the wasabi though.
Main: Chicken breast in Tapenade sauce. Very tasteless and dry meat…I couldn’t finish it.
Dessert: Strawberry roll cake. Specialty of the patisserie. Super good.

Lunch course is 3500yen. This restaurant is under the same management as Au gout du jour and Merveille(see tag). Service is warm and friendly. The food is not super impressive but the value is not bad. After coffee, herb tea was also served. The restaurant is quite small and is inside Shinmaru building, right next to igrek.
Menu 1, 2.
Nouvelle Ère

Merveille (メルヴェイユ)

060213 007060213 012
ブーダン ノワール。
人参のムース、 カニとホタテのタルタル、 野菜・ウニ・トマトのジュレを供に。
Boudin noir(pork blood sausage). Delicious!
Carrot mousse, crab and scallop tartare, vegetables and uni and tomato jelly. A little cold in the middle but overall very refreshing.
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サワラのポワレ 白身魚のコロッケ添え。
Pan-fried Sawara(Spanish Mackerel), cod croquette. Like the croquette more than the fish.
Grilled Iberico pork shoulder meat. Smokey flavour and ham-like solid texture. Minced pork rolled in zucchini on the side is good too.
060213 030060213 035

060213 005特製ロールケーキ、ヨーグルトシャーベット添え。
Roll cake with yogurt sorbet. There were 3 desserts to choose from and I originally picked the blanc manger, but AFTER I ordered, my friends told me that the roll cake is the specialty of the house. I grabbed the waiter immediately and changed my order, and he said “Oh yeah, roll cake is THE thing to order, but I am in no position to hardsell it….” (No, it is your JOB to recommend!! ^^;) Anyway, I am glad I ordered it, cos it really is very good. The cream and the sponge are so smooth and rich. The finger cakes that come with the coffee are crispy on the surface, very good too.

Full lunch course is 4800yen. The amuse-bouche is not included but my friend knows the manager so we got special service, hoho~

Au gout du jour (オーグー ドゥ ジュール@麹町)

060111 006060111 012
Chef’s lunch course 6300yen.
Scallop, crab and Tsubugai shellfish consomme jelly.
060111 016060111 022
カリフラワーのブルーテ トリュフ風味。
Cauliflower velouté with truffle. This is so nice!! The fragrance of the truffle is astonishing. Such a big piece too. The cauliflower soup is super sweet.
Completely forgot what the fish was…not much impression taste-wise either.
060111 033060111 038

060111 005鴨胸肉とフォアグラのポアレ 白隠元豆のバルサミコヴィネガー煮込み。
Duck breast and foie gras with white kidney beans in Balsamic vinegar sauce. At first I was not too excited about Balsamic sauce and kidney beans, but this is absolutely delicious! The duck is tender and foie gras is crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.
For dessert I had mascarpone cheese cake. A bit light to my taste, but not bad.
Service is attentive but not too intrusive. One of my friends brought a cake to the restaurant and the staff cut and served the cake after the course dessert. Very accommodating.
Au gout du jour