AW kitchen figlia

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Broccoli and uni chilled pasta.
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蛤とブロッコリーのキターラ フレッシュトマトソース。
Chitarra with clam and broccoli, fresh tomato sauce.
Cacciatora rigatoni with chicken and mushrooms.
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Roasted pork with miso sauce. Grapefruit cake.
I went to the original restaurant “AW kitchen” in Nakameguro and the pasta was very good yet very expensive at dinner time, so when I heard the Aoyama branch does lunch, I was eager to try. The quality here turned out to be…nowhere near the standard of Nakameguro. The pasta were all overcooked, and the meat dish was terrible. Lunch with a cold pasta appetizer, a pasta dish, dessert and coffee, is 1800yen. Two of us ordered a main dish to share which was an extra 1200yen. Hmm….
AW kitchen figlia

AW kitchen (中目黒)

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060122 079.jpg3 girls dining out. First I completely forgot to bring the restaurant’s address and the map, and then a friend completely forgot about the time because she was busy cleaning her room at home…..and then the other friend, who was not late and did remember to write down the address, copied the address wrong and we got completely lost….^^;;….but somehow we got ourselves there in one piece. I had Sangria(not shown) and Grapefruit Vermouth(rosso) which is a herb liqueur. Both were very nice. Ginger ale had fresh ginger taste and was surprisingly good too.

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Pork rillette and squid ink baguette. Came without ordering, 500yen per person. My friend said the rillette tasted like canned sea chicken….err….^^;;;
Mixed grilled vegetables of the day. The waitor was very insistent, to the point of annoying, on recommending us this other fresh salad and dips, but I don’t like raw vegetables so we ordered grilled veggy instead. The vegetables were fresh and sweet. It came with 2 types of warm dressings and some flavoured salt.

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We ordered 4 different types of pasta and shared between 3 of us. The restaurant beefed up the portion of each dish(with a plus charge), and divided the pasta for us and served us one dish by one dish, which was just great. The photos are my share.
100% fruit tomato Troffie Arrabbiata. The very pushy waitor was again recommending this simple pasta and at first we didn’t want it and ordered something else, but he mentioned it again and again, saying stuff like “You are not ordering the Arrabbiata?” I totally gave up and my friends were laughing, so we ordered it at the end. Well, it was very good….hate to admit it. ^^;; I like the noodles shape and the chewy texture.
Conchigliette and 5 clams, escargot butter sauce. Again very very yummy! Not sure I tasted any escargot though.

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Black pepper garganelli with andeuillette and black cabbage. The pasta was a bit out of shape, not so shell-like, but tasted wonderful. There were more meat and vegetables than pasta…a bit more pasta would be more balanced.
Stewed wild boar with spinach tortellini of ricotta cheese and walnut. The sauce was rich, a bit salty and again lots of meat and mushroom and purple potato chips…but the only two tortellinis were no good….We came to a consensus that normal spaghetti would go better with the sauce.
They seemed to be very generous with the ingredients and the sauce, but rather stingy on the pasta…..girl-oriented low-carb style?

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Strawberry panna cotta and “yuzu” baked cheese cake. I love the panna cotta!
We had 2 drinks each, and the bill came to 20,000yen. It was quite expensive, considering we didn’t even order any meat dishes. But this area is like all trendy and hip, probably that’s why?

AW kitchen