bis LA BETTOLA(ビス・ラ・ベットラ)

Grilled pork with salad.
新鮮なうにのスパゲッティ。 かにのリングイネ。
Spaghetti with sea urchin. Linguine with crab.
Cheese tart.

La Bettola is a very popular and high-profile Italian restaurant. The original shop is La Bettola da Ochiai where the main chef Ochiai is based in. He goes on TV a lot – gourmet shows, CM etc. Booking is almost impossible – apparently 2 months wait is the norm. This sister restaurant I went to is only a few minutes walk from the original shop and is easier to book because they only take bookings one week in advance. Still we were only allowed to stay for two hours before giving up our seats to the next round of customers.

Dinner course is 3360yen, where you can choose 3 plates from an extensive menu of appetizers and pastas. There is no “main dish” in the menu, but the pork I picked, which is supposed to be an “appetizer” and came first, was so huge that it was practically a main dish. The uni pasta is the chef’s specialty(available also in original restaurant) and it is to die for! I mopped every bit of the sweet and creamy uni sauce with bread. A must order! Dessert and coffee are not included in the course but they are inexpensive. The cheese cake I had was not too sweet and very good.

There are a few restaurants bearing the same name La Bettola. Make sure you only go to the original shop La Bettola da Ochi or bis LA BETTOLA. The other two branches (LA BETTOLA per tutti Nihonbashi and LA BETTOLA per tutti Nishi-Shinjuku) are not directly related to the original shop and definitely not as good.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.

Add: 1-27-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3567-5657

LA BETTOLA per tutti@Nihonbashi (ラ・ベットラ ペル トゥッティ@日本橋)

060819 003.jpg060819 006.jpg
Oven aubergine and mozzarella. Uni spaghetti.
060819 012.jpg060819 015.jpg
Spare rib. Bitter chocolate cake.
I have been to the original restaurant and its sister restaurant, which are only a few minutes’ walk away from each other. Both were very good, especially the uni spaghetti. There is also a branch in Shinjuku which I had lunch before and was no good, and they didn’t have Uni spaghetti in the lunch menu. A friend tried to book the original restaurant but she was told that the seats were fully booked for 2 months…even the sister restaurant was an impossible wait. So we tried this newly opened branch in Nihonbashi…it bears the exact same name as the no-good one in Shinjuku, and I wasn’t expecting high…turned out it really was no good. The worst was my spare rib, so hard and rough! The uni spaghetti was okay, not too much uni taste and quite watery…
LA BETTOLA per tutti(Nihonbashi)

LA BETTOLA per tutti@Nishi-Shinjuku (ラ・ベットラ ペル トゥッティ@西新宿)

0724 061.jpg0724 085.jpg
1890yen lunch includes bread, appetizer, pasta and coffee.
Grilled pork and vegetables.
0724 093.jpg0724 091.jpg
Spaghetti with prawn, broccoli and mushroom in anchovy sauce. My friend’s Seafood risotto.

bis LA BETTOLA (ビス・ラ・ベットラ)

0316 025.jpg0316 024.jpg

0316 014.jpg0316 017.jpg
From the 2100yen lunch course. Roasted pork.
0316 019.jpg0316 023.jpg
2色のパスタ盛り合わせ: うにスパゲッティ と ポルチーニ茸ソースのリゾート。
プチデザート: ガトーショコラ。コーヒーがついて、2100円。
Sea urchin spaghetti and Risotto with Porcini sauce. Gateau chocolate.

What happened is, I couldn’t stop thinking about that sea urchin pasta I had in La Bettola, but the restaurant is just too crowded, so as an alternative I went to the branch restaurant where the apprentice of Ochiai is the chef. I went at 1pm and I still had to wait til 2pm before there was any vacancy available….crazy. But the food was just as good as the original and the environment was actually better. There was no meat dishes in the menu though – maybe we were too late?

La Bettola da Ochiai (ラ・ベットラ・ダ・オチアイ)

0314 022.jpg0314 014.jpg

0314 016.jpg0314 017.jpg
0314 021.jpg0314 025.jpg
0314 023.jpg0314 032.jpg
A very popular Italian restaurant that you need to wait for months before you can book a table for dinner. So we went for lunch, in which case you go at 10 in the morning, sign up your name, and come back again at 11.30.(We ended up having breakfast in the chocolate cafe while we waited….) Well, I think it lives up to its popularity, being cheap and good-quality, though I think dinner will be even more worth it since a dinner course is only 4000yen. I had grilled anago, sea urchin cream spaghetti, grilled lamb and custard pudding. Everything is delicious!