Goutte d’or et Crattini (グットドール・クラッティーニ)

Mozzarella and whale Tartare.
Tomato cream soup(I think…can’t remember exactly…).
Chicken liver pate and mango. This is quite nice.
Chillled peach spaghetti. The spaghetti is hidden underneath. Nothing special except the peach is very sweet.
Tagliatelle with anago and summer mushroom and karasumi. Nice but quite spicy, especially after I accidentally ate a chilli.
Uni spaghetti. The same overly salty and spicy taste as last time(see tag).
Grapefruit and wasabi sorbet. Interesting combination… quite like it actually.
Saute of Akacha(?) pork Riburosu(don’t know how to translate, it is this part). The pork itself is juicy and tender, though it would have haven nicer if it were grilled a bit longer. The veggy on the side were quite salty.
Coconut blanc manger with apricot. Not much coconut taste…
Mango pudding and passion fruit.

Jasmine creme brulee. Fresh herb tea. The desserts are pretty normal. The fresh herb tea was 840yen and I totally expected a pot, yet it came in a small cup and no refill…

I have to say my impression of this place doesn’t get better on my third visit. The chef seems to like his food very salty and very spicy. Couldn’t eat it without gulping red wine by the gallons. As a final blow, the service is rather bad…no smiles, sloppy response, and the champagne was not chilled properly – unforgivable!!
Menu(J) here.
Goutte d’or et Crattini
Add: 2-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyada-ku
Tel: 03-6212-6882

Goutte d’or et Crattini (グットドール・クラッティーニ)


This famous Italian restaurant is much more casual and smaller than I had expected. 1890yen lunch course includes salad, appetizer, pasta(85g) and coffee. There are so many choices available for appetizer and pasta and they all sound creative and tempting.
茹で豚の筍のグラティナート。 とっておき、生うにのスパゲッティ。
Boiled pork and bamboo shoot gratinato(gratin?). A bit salty but quite good.
Uni spaghetti. An extra charge of 840yen for this choice. The spaghetti is very salty from the first bite…to the point that you suspect the chef has accidentally added the salt twice. Quite spicy too, while not much uni taste unless you eat the uni on its own, which is creamy and sweet.

The menu says the course will take 1~1.5hr which is quite a long time for a pasta lunch, but indeed the food came so slowly that by the time we had our coffee, 2 hrs had past. The service is just okay. The Japanese waitress’ attitude was a little rude when I asked her about the menu.
Came back again to try the 3150yen lunch course which consists of 2 appetizers, 2 kinds of pasta and coffee. The pasta is slightly smaller portion(65g) for each plate.
Raw shirasu(baby fish) and steamed vegetables. I thought it was going to be warm but it was a cold appetizer. A bit too strong pickle taste for me…very sour and bitter.
Root vegetables and tomato potage with poached egg. Somehow the potage is not so hot while the egg is overcooked.
Spaghetti with Aji(Horse mackerel) and Fennel and karasumi. Quite spicy!
Spaghetti with cabbage. There is some cream cheese on top. The cabbage is fresh and sweet. Apparently a specialty of the chef.

The appetizers are pretty normal, the pasta are nicer. This time the pasta are not overly salty like last time, but they are still saltier than what I would call “just right”. My friend whom I went with said the overall taste in this place was too strong for her that she had to drink a lot of water. Maybe we should have ordered wine. Also not quite al dente. Having complaining so much, the pasta are tasty in an unconventional sort of way. The table next to us ordered Uni pasta and it looked totally different from what I had last time! The uni was made into the sauce and mixed well with the spaghetti, like how it should be done!

Lunch menu(J) here and here.
Goutte d’or et Crattini
Add: 2-2-3, Marunouchi, chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-6212-6882