Yakiniku Jumbo Shirogane(焼肉ジャンボ 白金)

Yukke. Simmered wagyu tongue. Both very good!
Assorted Kimchi. Beef sashimi.
Some pork some beef…can’t remember names… Veggy on the right is “Sanchu”.
The beef on the right is “sabuton”.
Pork feet is cold and hard and tasteless – don’t order it!

All different parts but can’t remember names…

Korean cold noodles. Spicy soup with rice.

Have been to the honten(original shop) in Shinozaki(see tag). The variety and the quality of meat is about the same(i.e.very good), but I must say the portion is much smaller in this Shirogane branch. I was stuffed to my throat by the end in Shinozaki and I paid about 7000yen including drinks, while in Shirogane I wasn’t really that full but the bill came up to 10,000yen per person. Though my visit to the Shinozaki honten was in 2007 and I haven’t been back since then. Shirogane is a much more convenient location and not too far from the station, while the honten is a hell of a walk from the out-of-the-way Shinozaki station. If you care for nice interior, young and lively staff, high percentage of female customers in trendy clothes, then Shirogane is your choice. I, on the otherhand, prefer the honten’s busybody owner who sticks a gun to your head if you cook his top-quality meat too long(3 seconds max!). I don’t think there was a time limit in Shinozaki, but you can only stay for two hours in Shirogane. I took pictures of the whole menu but most of the meat we ordered were not on it and were explained to us by the staff. I was too lazy to take notes but my friend’s choice “U-wa-mi-su-ji” had the most marbled fat and was the most juicy. Sabuton was also my favourite. Just like the honten, the grill wasn’t really that hot so I actually preferred cooking the meat – which was so fresh that it could be eaten raw – for more than 3 seconds(*gasps*). All the side dishes like yukke, soup rice were much nicer in Shirogane branch.

Menu: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

This place is very near to Labyrinthe’s Patisserie Shinohashi which I’ve bought some bread before(entry here).

焼肉ジャンボ 白金 (Yakiniku Jumbo@Shirogane)
Add: 3-1-1 Shirogane, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-3679-8929

Yakiniku Jambo (焼肉ジャンボ@篠崎)

Cow tongue simmered in red wine. Free appetizer. Very good!
Assorted kimchi.
Liver. Heart.
Cow tongue. Yukke – Korean version of Steak Tartare.
Ronboso? Uwamisuji? Ro-su?
Sagari and Shin-shin. Shin ro-su.
Misuji and sabuton.

Vegetables soup. Beef curry rice and omurice.

The beef are all fantastic! Absolutely fresh, tender and juicy. The owner is so proud of the beef’s high quality that he kept giving us instructions:

“Don’t grill more than 3 seconds each side!!”
“Taste better to eat it raw!!”
“You are over-grilling!!”
“STOP grilling!!”…..etc.
The 3-second window was too short for me to take any pictures of the beef on the grill…Also not sure if it is intentional but the grill is set to very weak fire that there is not much smoke coming out of it and there is no need for ventilators at all(there isn’t one). For the seasoning, it is better to order the simple “salt” instead of “tare” sauce, which is a bit too sweet. Yukke is also too sweet. The owner-recommended omurice and curry are all too sweet-tasting as well. Vegetable soup tastes like instant soup so not so recommended. Five of shared all the food. There were 4 more plates not on pictures(they all look the same bloody meat anyway ^^;;), all of us had rice, 1-2 beers each, came up to about 7000yen per person. Not super cheap but good value considering the quality. Though the place is quite far from central Tokyo, and from the train station it is more than 20 mins walk.

焼肉ジャンボ@篠崎 (Yakiniku Jambo)
Add: 4-13-19 Shinozaki, Edogawaku
Tel: 03-3679-8929