Marche aux puces (ノミの市 Nomi no Ichi)


オマール海老と茸のパイ包み焼き ラ・シブレットクリームソース(¥500)。
牛フィレステーキ フォアグラソテー添え(+¥800)。
Hot pie with lobster and mushroom, creme of chive sauce.
Filet of beef with hot foie gras.
Tarte aux fruits(fig). Creme brulee.

0807030041Basic dinner course with amuse, appetizer, main and dessert is 3200yen(Tax included and no service charge). Many options in the menu to choose from but some of them have addtional charges like the appetizer and the main dish I had. Nonetheless the value is fantastic. The lobster pie which I’ve read many good reviews, is truly amazing. The accompanying chive sauce is so delicious that I mopped every bit of it with bread. Huge for an appetizer too. My main dish is also great but my friends’ beef harami steak and duck thigh confit, both without additional charge, are no less satisfying. Amongst the three desserts we tried(cassis sorbet not in pics) I like creme brulee the most – it is so common that I seldom choose it if I have other choices, but this one is exceptionally nice. See tag for lunch visit.

Menu 1, 2, 3, 4.

Marche aux puces (ノミの市)
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