Namja Town (ナムコ・ナンジャタウン)


0809220018“Sasebo burger Big Man”(佐世保バーガービッグマン) inside Namja Town in Ikebukuro. Sasebo burger’s homepage here. Originally from Sasebo(Nagasaki) and now has a few branches in Tokyo. I had the most popular Bacon and egg burger(500yen). The bun, the patty, the bacon and of course the egg are all very soft which makes it easy-to-eat and kinda fast-food-ish(Or is it a fast food chain?). The coffee(330yen) and the fried cheese balls(400yen) aren’t very good though.

Miracle Fruit Cafe(ミラクルフルーツ カフェ) is the reason I paid the 300yen of entrance fee to Namja Town for. Read about Miracle fruit here. I had the sourest parfait “Super lemon with lemon jelly”(680yen). Miracle fruit needs to be ordered separately(250yen for one). After chewing and licking the miracle fruit as much as I can for a few mintues without swallowing, the lemon slices and sugar-less lemon jelly taste nicely sweet, but towards the end I can taste the sourness coming back already. Fresh fruit platter maybe a better choice as you can try how different fruits turn sweet after eating the Miracle fruit. Apparently all the “desserts” in the menu are under 100kcal!

Namja Town (ナムコ・ナンジャタウン)

餃子スタジアム (Gyoza Museum at Namja Town)

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左:萬福の焼き餃子、420円。 右:包包のしそ餃子、500円。
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パティスリー アトリエ リーブのエクレールキャラメルバナーヌ、480円。