Salut (サリュー)

060926 048.jpg060926 051.jpg
Galette with quail and Cepe truffle – my friend’s appetizer. Gosh it is big as a main.
Turban shell and uni, escargot gratin – my choice. The uni is at the bottom, unfortunately too cooked to taste uni at all. The sea snails are a bit oily but very nice.
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Assorted Platinum pork(Braised, confit and sausage) – my friend’s main.
Roasted pate-stuffed guinea fowl, gratin of endives – my choice. The guinea fowl is soft and tender, a bit light, but the liver pate gives it a rich meaty savoury taste. The sauce is slightly salty and the endive gratin a bit watery though.
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Peach compote and almond milk sorbet – my friend’s dessert.
Banana pudding and salt caramel ice-cream – my choice. This dessert is incredible!! The ice-cream is salty, bitter, and caramel sweet all at once! (*o*)!! Banana pudding with fresh banana slices is nice, the brownish jelly is bitter and has alcohol taste, veeeeeeeeery good~~~
With amuse and petits fours, the dinner course is 5250yen. Also ordered a Kir Royal, and a decanter of red wine to share between 2 people, came to 7000yen each. Actually quite a good deal.
Been here for lunc before(see tag). Damn I just realise I had chicken last time…^^;;