Hakataya Kamata-ten (元祖もつ鍋居酒屋 博多屋 蒲田店)

A friend took us to this local Hakata-style motsu-nabe place in Kamata. Reservation is a must as it is very popular. You can only stay for 2 hours but then you don’t really need more than that.
Hatsu-sashi – raw heart. Yamaimo(mountain yam) steak – don’t know why it is called steak while it is actually a fluffy omelette/pancake. Very nice though!
We tried almost everything from the “Mentaiko series”. Left pic: Potato and Mentaiko. Right pic: Tofu and Mentaiko.
Aubergine and Mentaiko. Spinach and Mentaiko.
The spinach one is stir-fried with butter while the other three are grilled with cheese. They are nice but they taste pretty similar – trying 1 or 2 is actually enough. There are other common Izakaya dishes in the menu like “yakiton”(pork version of yakitori) but we didn’t order.

The main is of course Motsu-nabe, which is soy sauce based. The motsu is really nice! Noodles or rice are added to the soup at the end.

At first I thought each dish was a bit small(especially the hatsu-sashi), and we ordered the motsu-nabe for 3 people(we were a group of 4) but it wasn’t quite enough so we asked for one more portion. However, when the bill came we were really surprised…only about 2000yen per person! We got a coupon from the homepage below and got ourselves a free drink each so that contributed to the cheap price, but still!

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.

元祖もつ鍋居酒屋 博多屋 蒲田店(Hakataya Kamata-ten)
Add: 2F, 7-4-6 Nishi-Kamata, Oota-ku.
Tel: 03-3736-1666

博多もつ鍋 山笠(Yamagasa)

060130 039060130 042
Salad. Motsu and mentaiko.
060130 044060130 050
馬刺し盛り合わせ(赤身、霜降り、炙り) 。もつ鍋(味噌味)。
Assorted horse meat(sashimi and broiled). Motsu-nabe(miso based).
060130 051060130 056
Chanpon is added to the leftover soup.

Delicious motsu-nabe. A lot of seasoning stuff on the table(garlic, miso, chilli, wasabi…) for you to add yourself.


061022 001061022 006
Raw liver. Deep-fried fish cake.
061022 008061022 010
Egg roll with mentaiko. Soft and fluffy, very delicious!
061022 018061022 019
White “motsu” hotpot. Red “motsu” hotpot. White is miso, red is soy sauce, “motsu” is cow intestine. All very good! I like the white more. We added noodles to the soup which was heaven. Though I stank of garlic apparently but you simply don’t notice it yourself. ^^;; Everyone was saying this place is super popular and very difficult to book, which I am lucky not to have to do it myself. ^^;;

0418 005.jpg0418 007.jpg
Two pics from my first visit to this place.