江戸清 (Edosei)

(Jan 30, 2009)
Grilled chicken lunch set. Comes with delicious chicken soup and rice. Only one menu at lunch time.
(Nov 30, 2007)
A small but popular Japanese restaurant specialised in chicken. A friend who is a self-claimed connoisseur of chicken took me here for dinner, and I was totally satisfied by the juicy and tender meat served in this place.
Free appetizer simmered radish is so good.
Chicken sashimi, eaten with wasabi and soy sauce and scallion. The chicken is so fresh that you can eat it raw!
Fried chicken. Boiled chicken. Both are simple but amazing.
Chicken meatballs and vegetables hotpot only available in winter. The very friendly madam will do everything for you.

Ponzu to eat with the hotpot. Rice and egg are added to the soup at the end to make zousui(Japanese soup rice).

Four people shared the food with lots of alcohol drinks, about 5,000 yen per person.

江戸清 (Edosei)
Add: 15-14 Kodenmachou, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3661-2918

ほていさん@月島 (Hoteisan)

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Mozuku(seaweed in vinegar) and sesame tofu. Sashimi.
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060204 072あんこう鍋。雑炊。
Anko-nabe(Angler-fish/Monkfish hotpot). So good! The big pile of orange paste is Ankimo, which the madam told us to taste a bit before she put the lid on the nabe. The dashi is delicious from the start – we all drank a bowl while waiting for the ingredients to be cooked. The meat of Anko has firm texture, the skin is jelly-like and chewy(full of collagen). The rich-tasting Ankimo is of course the best part! Rice and egg are added to the soup to make zouzui. Yum!

This place is very popular during winter season when Anko is available. I had to book like 2 months ago and it was not an easy task cos the staff don’t seem to be very patient on the phone. While you are there, they are efficient and simply do everything for you – you just sit and wait for your bowl of food. You are only allowed 2 hours, which is more than enough because, before you finish the sashimi, they will start making the hotpot, and before you finish your first bowl of anko and soup, the staff will come and scoop more ingredients into your (donburi-size)bowl. We had to wait a long time for the zousui though(Maybe they forgot to cook rice? ^^;;).

The place was packed with people smoking so not exactly a comfortable place to stay long. In fact I got a massive headache because the guy at the next table(very close) was an impossible chain-smoker who didn’t quite stop even when he was eating.

We all had beer and nihonshu, about 6600yen each. Well very reasonable for the amount and quality of food you get. Taste-wise this place definitely makes it to my favourites, but the environment is a little too much for me!


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8000yen dinner course. Pictures show portion for 4 people.
Bream simmered in sweet soy sauce. Very nice! Fish is soft and fatty. Craved rice!
Assorted sashimi. Other than fish, there are also abalone sashimi and scallop. The abalone is very hard when eaten raw. Plenty of shiso underneath which is fresh and very nice to eat with the sashimi.
060110 049060110 095
Hairy crab(kegani). My friends taught me to pour hot nihonshu(Japanese wine) into the crab shell, mix with the kanimiso(crab innard) and drink from the shell. Surprisingly delicious~.
060110 053060110 097
Apparently the master hunted the wild ducks himself. There is a picture of him with his hunting rifle on the wall. My friends went to watch him skinning and preparing the duck over the counter but I stayed at the table. ^^;;
060110 087060110 076
Other than the wild duck, pigeon is also added to make the soup stock for the kamo(duck) nabe.
060110 072060110 084
Lots of mushrooms, veggy, tofu, Konjac went to the soup too. One daidai(bitter orange) for each person to squeeze the juice as a final touch.
060110 059060110 066
The madam did everything for us so we just waited. (btw it takes 3 hours at least to finish the whole course)
060110 060060110 068
Sliced wild duck meat are to add at the end. Texture is quite hard.
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060110 034鴨雑炊。
Rice and egg are added to the leftover soup to make zousui(rice porridge). This is always the best part of a nabe course, but argh, I was just too full and only could eat a bit.

桜なべ中江@三ノ輪 (Sakura-nabe Nakae)

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Dinner party at a traditional Japanese restaurant more than 100 years old. Speciality is horse meat, also called “sakura meat” in Japan.
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Horse meat Tsukudani.
061126 025061126 030
馬刺し:霜降りと ロース 。 タルタルステーキ。
Two kinds of horse meat sashimi – more expensive shimofuri(meat marbled with fat), and loin meat. Somehow the cheaper loin meat is actually nicer. Both are sweet and tender.
Tartar steak – ground raw horse meat, with sesame oil, and a raw egg yolk. Very good. The sesame oil and the egg yolk combined to give the lean meat a smoother texture and a nice fragrance.
061126 031061126 053
Horse meat sushi is incredible, while the grilled horse meat skewer is no good – the meat is too hard.
061126 034061126 039
桜鍋。ザク: ねぎ、しらたき、麩。
Sakura nabe: horse meat sukiyaki. Tender and juicy, no need to cook too long, dip into a bowl of raw egg before you eat. Also added to the nabe are leek, shirataki and fu. The warishita is miso and soy sauce and zarame sugar.
061126 054061126 059
Steak. Thick cut and tender. Homemade pickles are so good you can eat them alone.
061126 062061126 064
Eggs are added to the leftover soup, and you are supposed to scoop the sweet full-of-meat-flavour egg and add onto the rice. It is so yummy!
Dessert is Matcha ice-cream.

山くじら すき焼 ももんじや@両国 (Momonjiya)

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A dinner course of wild animal meat. Simmered wild boar and radish. Venison sashimi. The wild boar meat and the raw venison both don’t have the bitter taste or unpleasant smell I expected of game meat. Very light and easy to eat. Venison is lean and healthy, very soft.
061109 017061109 020

061109 033061109 042
Wild boar sukiyaki. Miso is added to the sukiyaki, the soup base is quite strong. Probably that’s why there is no distinct smell or taste from the meat since the strong soup is covering it up. The wild boar meat is very hard at first, but the more you cook it, the softer it becomes.
Venison Tatsuta-age(i.e. meat is marinated with soy sauce before deep-frying). Venison is lean and gets a bit dry and “sandy” when cooked, but it is well-seasoned and frying it gives it back a little fat. ^^;;
061109 046061109 050
Tanukijiru(racoon-dog miso soup). Gosh, this soup is one strong experience of the wilderness. ^^;; There are only bits of racoon-dog meat, which stink even stronger than the soup when you chew it. Everyone else was okay and absolutely loved it. I thought it was delicious too(seriously!), but I couldn’t help feeling a bit sick at the same time. ^^;; The course doesn’t include udon but we ordered it to put into the leftover sukiyaki(must add water to dilute it though cos it is so strong), which is very very yummy.
061109 061061109 015
Red bean and chestnut ice-cream.
I didn’t realise it at that time but when I got home, all my clothes stank as if I had been to the zoo.