Ristorante Terauchi (リストランテ寺内)

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Went with a friend and ordered 2 appetizers, 2 pasta and 2 meat dishes to share. The waitor was kind enough to divide everything into half for us, so the pictures are all half portion.
Appetizers are foie gras pate, and roasted quail stuffed with multi-grain risotto and cheese. Both are very good, especially the quail.
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Fusilli in seafood ragu sauce with anchovy and pine nuts and seaweed. Pappardelle in meat ragu sauce. The pasta is kinda normal.
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Charcoal grilled pork. Roasted lamb in onion, anchovy and vinegar sauce. Wow the meat dishes are amazing!! Simply good quality meat grilled to perfection and I don’t need anything else! The charcoal grilled pork smells and tastes heaven with only salt. The lamb is tender and the sauce nicely savoury. The potatoes and onions on the side are lovely too.

The interior of the restaurant was not exactly that pretty and the lighting was just gloomy but not atmospheric. When we went, it was very empty, no music was playing, the many waitors with kinda stiff posture were standing nearby, dead quiet, the kitchen was just right next to us, also produced very little sound….frankly the atmosphere was terrible…^^;; At first when I took out the camera, the waitor told me not to use flash, I was not going to use anyway….But after I took pictures of each dish, he brought the lamb to me before cutting it into half so that I could take pictures first, probably because he thought it would look better as a whole, so maybe they didn’t mind the pictures but were afraid that the flashlight might bother other customers. My friend who doesn’t understand Japanese took a picture of me sucking the bones with the flash though…^^;; The portion was so huge that my friend couldn’t finish the lamb, I was quite full but was going to eat it for her, but the waitor came up and said he would wrap it up for us to take-away. I have never been to an upscale restaurant that does that…I think if there were more customers, the atmosphere would have been more lively and the experience more enjoyable. And just order the appetizers and the meat dishes would be satisfying enough, the pasta can be skipped. ^^;;

La Casquette(ラ・カスケット@初台)

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Bread was served warm, with butter and pork rillette.
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My friend’s appetizer: White asparagus bavarois with broccoli sauce. Mine: Smoked duck and persimmon salad.
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My main dish: Roasted quail stuffed with wild rice and mushroom pilaf. My friend’s: Lamb cous cous, La Casquette style.
ワイルドライスと茸のピラフを詰めたウズラのロースト、カレー風味。仔羊のクスクス ラ・カスケット風。
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Strawberry milk La Casquette style. Some kind of huge grapefruit terrine and mango sorbet.
060406 009.jpgHuge portion simple bistro food with full dinner course only about 4000yen and house wine ~700yen per glass. Very cheap! The quail was not bad, I have had better though not as cheap as this place. My friend’s cous cous and lamb chop came with an impossibly massive family-size bowl of vegetable soup with chunks of vegetables and more lamb and sausages inside, she couldn’t even finish one-third of it and I ended up helping her and stuffed with a bursting stomach. The waitor recommended “strawberry milk” to us for desserts and we were rather skeptical but ordered it anyway, turned out to be a slice of frozen strawberry with ice-cream underneath and the waitor poured hot milk onto it; quite a big pretentious fuss but it tasted good. ^^;; The atmosphere was not exactly that friendly….actually quite gloomy, but the waitor was certainly polite and helpful. Other tables’ food looked really good…don’t mind going back again and try other menu.
La Casquette


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051220 013.jpgTwo pan-fried fresh foie gras on top of two piles of risotto. And the main is one whole quail stuffed with mushroom and wild rice. Super yummy!!! And the apple tart is warm and not too sweet, v.gd. This lunch was very satisfying~~~.

Casa Vinitalia (カーザ・ヴィニタリア)

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Second time here – see tag for the first visit. From the a la carte menu. Fried shirako – very creamy!
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Autumn Truffle Tagliatelle. Not much impression.
Roasted quail stuffed with multi-grain and foie gras. Very good! We ordered one quail(3600yen) to share between two people but it is actually not big so as a main dish, one quail for one person is just right.
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051208 043.jpgYou can choose the grilled vegetables that come with the main dish. I had mushroom. “Simple pasta” before dessert has 3 choices – I had tomato sauce this time and it was very very good. Again I ordered 100g. Later I found out that this “simple pasta” is quite expensive if ordered from the a la carte menu, while it is included in the 5500yen course. Dessert is tiramisu.
Casa Vinitalia

epanoui (エパヌイ)

Mousse made of prawn, fish and scallop. with white asparagus and scallop on top, in cold potage soup.

Quail stuffed with black rice. Peach with vanilla jelly and vanilla ice-cream.

Lychee and marigold tea.
Amazing food. Lovely homely environment. Very cute dog. A bit of a walk from the nearest Hiro-o station but totally worth it.