I-Kousya (アイコウシャ)

Blue cheese burger with fried onion(R), Y1522.

Very nice American eatery near Tokyo Dome. Both the burgers and the sandwiches are good but I think the burgers are better in terms of taste and value. I like the Blue cheese burger and the Mushroom Burger the most – they are also the most expensive.Try not to go at peak hours cos it is just the chef in the kitchen and the quality suffers when the restaurant is packed, especially on weekend lunchtime.

Green salad, Y367. Onion rings(half), Y210.
Potato Wedges, Y367. Grilled Marinated Mushroom Burger with Swiss Cheese(R), Y1417.
Chili Burger(L), Y1260. Salsa Burger(L), Y1207.
BBQ Burger(L), Y1207.
Bacon burger(R), Y997. You can tell the burger is quite burnt. I had this at peak lunch hour on a Saturday.
Avocado Burger(L), Y1207. Cheese Burger(L), Y1207.
American Club House(Grilled chicken, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Tartar sauce), Y1522. Huge portion.
Reuben(Pastrami, Swiss cheese, Sauerkraut, mustard, Tartar sauce), Y1365. A bit too sour for me.
Grilled Shrimp and Avocado, Y1207. Pastrami, Y1102.
The amount of main ingredients for the sandwiches isn’t always so generous(just filled up with lettuce) and sometimes there is too much sauce. But well I still like them.
Corned Beef, Y945. Honey Sesame Chicken, Y1050.
Colesaw, Y252. Fried Cajun Chicken, Y1050.
Hot Dog, Y525. Chili and Potato Wedges, Y682.

Menu: 1, 2.

I-Kousya (アイコウシャ)
Add: 1-4-8 Misakicho, Chiyoda-Ku
Tel: 03-3291-4102

Baker Bounce (ベーカーバウンス@三軒茶屋)

ベーコン チーズ ハンバーガー。
Bacon Cheese Burger, 1155yen.
Sweet chestnut, bacon, chicken, mushroom cheese casserole, 682yen.
Smoked chicken and asparagus sandwich, 1050yen.
Homemade ketchup.


Steak lunch, 1470yen.

This burger shop has a branch in Roppongi’s Tokyo Midtown but I went to the original shop in Sangenjaya. I find the food okay but not impressive. The beef was not as juicy and tasty as I had expected for the price. Chestnut casserole is nice though. I prefer the sandwhich much more than the hamburger. Weekday lunch’s menu is cheaper and includes a refillable coffee, but it doesn’t have as many choices as holiday lunch. Atmosphere is great – friendly, boisterous staff make you feel very welcome. Worth going if you are nearby but I probably won’t make a special trip for it. (English review here)
Part of the menu:1, 2, 3.
Baker Bounce


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060420 006.jpg060420 010.jpg
Duck pate sandwich, it is sooooooo nice!!! The bread is homemade and nicely toasted, the pate is such a thick slice~. Want to go back to try their full course lunch, which the ojisan in the picture ordered and he kept telling the waitor how he delicious it was and in fact took pictures using his mobile phone…maybe he has a food blog too. ^^;;
060503 002.jpg060503 004.jpg

060503 011.jpg黒豚のリエット、豚モモスライスのグリル 生姜風味のソース、ガトーショコラ。
Second visit. Pork rillettes, grilled pork with ginger sauce, gateau chocolat. Lunch course is 2500yen. The quality turned out to be choice-dependent. I went with a friend and two of us ordered different appetizers, main dishes and desserts to share. The line-up in the pictures were all quite good, but the marinated vegetables, roasted chicken stuffed with prawn and orange tart were just so-so. The sandwich lunch is much better!