Kanda Yabusoba (かんだやぶそば)


Spring vegetables tempura. Seiro soba.
Soba and green tea soba kasutera.

I was told that this soba place is very famous. Went on a weekend and it was packed with tourists taking photos of the old Japanese house. Later realised that this place is introduced in many tourist guides as “Probably Tokyo’s most famous soba shop”….all these years living in Tokyo and I never heard about this place. ^^;;; The spring vegetables are delicious. But the soba is nothing special I thought…plus the pretty normal-tasting kasutera, it costed me 2150yen. Quite expensive!

和邑 (Sobadokoro Wamura)

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Inaka soba – “country soba”, thick and dark soba made with whole buckwheat.
Tamagoyaki – Japanese egg roll.
Both are absolutely delicious!!! Price is not cheap but the food is really worth it. The soba is the best I have had recently, and the egg roll is to die for.

上野藪そば (Ueno Yabu Soba)

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Seiro Soba with hot, duck based, dipping sauce. Seiro Soba with tsuyu dipping sauce. The duck is thickly sliced and very soft, love it! The soup has strips of yuzu in it. The soba is great but such a small portion! Everyone around ordered L size for a reason. ^^;; A bit embarassing but I ordered an extra portion of the soba on its own, hoping that additional order would be cheaper, but obviously there was no such thing and the normal Seiro came with tsuyu and wasabi and everything….

手打古式蕎麦 (Teuchi Koshiki Soba)

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Old-style soba, which is made from whole buckwheat with its skin unpeeled, hence the dark colour. I expected very rough texture, but it was actually quite smooth. Very nice! I realised too late that, instead of the normal tsuyu sauce I had, I should have gotten the radish sauce+soy sauce(with a 100yen extra), which is the best way to eat the soba apparently….must go back!
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061127 089焼きこんにゃく、200円。山揚げそば、1200円。
Second visit. Grilled Konjac – the sauce is slightly salty but nicely savoury. Soup soba with fried yam. The big croquette thing on top is all yam, nicely fried on the outside but the yam not seasoned or salted at all, and the soup is also very mild – I was very tempted to ask for soy sauce.

夢境庵 (Mukyoan)

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Mukyo-soba. Thought it was Kyoto-style soba and expected very mild and subtle tasting but the soup turned out to be very strong and salty. Still very nice with so many ingredients though.
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061015 192鴨せいろ、1600円。
Duck “seiro”. The soup was a bit salty and oily, not bad though cos it had strong duck flavour and very hot. Duck meat was a bit hard. The soba looked like it wasn’t cooked upon order. This place closes at 7:30pm and I went at around 6:30pm…maybe I went too late? I went late last time too, but I ordered soup soba which was hard to tell if the soba was premade or not.

紀庵 (Kian)

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Half udon half soba, with tempura. Usually tempura soba or udon is quite expensive but this place is cheap, yet the quaity is high. Both the soba and udon have very strong texture, a lot of chewing needed but I love that. The tempura is nice too. I waited for about 20 minutes, but it is written on the menu that everything is made fresh upon order so it will take a while. You can choose strong or light tsuyu(the soy sauce you dip the soba and udon into), and I chose the strong one and it turned out a bit too strong for me, the light one would have been better. I like this place though!