Nemurian (眠庵@神田須田町)

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060823 022.jpg二種もり、1160円。牛肉と大根のバーボン煮、580円。
Bourbon-simmered beef and radish. The beef is a bit rough, but the radish is good. I ordered the half-half soba set with two kinds of soba, and they came separately. They look the same in pictures though, actually taste similar too…the second one only a bit thicker than the first one. The place is a bit difficult to find as the narrow entrance is easy to miss. Very small place, with only three tables and a few counter seats. There is air-coniditioning but still quite hot inside…The two ojisan sitting next to me were hotly discussing high school baseball and saying the pitcher of this year’s winning school is too cute and too thin/short/small-bone to really become a professional pitcher…haha…^^;;

おざわ@田原町 (Ozawa)

060727 001.jpg9・5割極太平打(特大盛)、1200円。
It was a shockingly mercilessly tragic experience last time when I came all the way to this soba place with a few friends, so ready for some nice soba, and found out that the shop was closed, even though I had phoned to confirm beforehand that it would be open. Came back again alone and thank god it was open! I ordered the “extremely thick flat soba” which my friend recommended and I had been so curious and dying to try for a long time. Went for the largest portion of course, hoho. I knew it was going to be thick but I was still quite shocked cos it was really really REALLY thick!!! It is nice, and I do love thick hard noodles….but perhaps not to the point that every bite is simply a lump of starch(^^;;). I want to try the medium thick soba next time though, medium should be just right for me.


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生湯葉わさび。Yuba with wasabi, or squid with spicy sauce. I never realised tofu by itself can be this sweet! Very nice with wasabi and soya sauce.
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いなか蕎麦。Inaka soba. Oh god this is soooooo nice!!! Very hard and very buckwheaty – just the way I like! There are soba places everywhere but good ones really leave strong impression. Definitely will go back again and again!

0605027 005.jpgとろ蕎麦(いなか蕎麦)、大盛1500円。
Second visit. I ordered the same inaka soba, but in large portion and version-up with tororo. Heaven!!

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Third visit. Anago soba is seasonal menu. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top, so good so good!