Lilla Dalarna(リラ・ダーラナ)

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Sweden cuisine! But the Framboise alcohol drink turned out to be from Belgium! ^^;; The assorted marinated fish appetizer was very very good, salty and sour and somehow makes you feel “Ah~~very Scandinavian” although I have never been there before. ^^;;
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Chicken salad.
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Beef tomato stew. Hmm?? Hmm?? Can’t tell the difference from Japanese “western food”. ^^;; Oh but the pasta-thing on the side was very chewy so nice~~! Definitely the highlight of this meal for me. Potato gratin was quite good too.

060211 135.jpgSugar-coated chocolate mousse. Very very sweet, couldn’t finish even it was so small.
Lilla Dalarna