VIRON (ヴィロン)

(June 6, 2008)
Steak and French fries, 2100yen. Caramel Liegeois, 1260yen.

0809030083(Sep 3, 2008)
Beet Gazpacho, 630yen. Galette of chicken confit, 1050yen. Peche Melba(Peach parfait with vanilla ice-cream and peach compote), 1260yen.

Both visits above were late lunches(after 3pm) so the food was from cafe-time menu which is different from lunch menu. Everything is nice despite being a bit expensive. I wonder why the Peche Melba is more expensive than the galette….


0711190004(May 10, 2008)
Green peas potage. Croque madam. Cabbage and bacon soup. Went back to this bakery cafe and tried their cafe menu(available after 2pm). The soup are both nice but don’t come with bread.

(Sep 3, 2004)
Pork in tomato stew. Quail and foie gras terrine. With coffee, 2730yen.

Izu 070(May 19, 2004)
Breakfast for two!

061102 114061102 120
(Nov 3, 2006)
Baba. Gosh it is soaked thoroughly with alcohol already and you get a whole bottle to add some more yourself…the waitor said a few extra drops on top will give nice fragrance – he was right! I ended up adding more than a few drops and got quite drunk…the couple at the next table said they could smell it from there. ^^;;;; Also love the cream on top.
061026 199061026 192
(Oct 27, 2006)
Caramel-glazed petit chou(cream puff) with praline cream inside and sweet whipped cream on top.
Jambon Brie de Meaux – ham and brie sandwich. Both delicious as usual.
061102 122061102 130
I have blogged this place so many times but never took pics of the shop. Great location right in the heart of Shibuya.
060116 051060116 058

060116 046(Jan 16, 2007)
鴨のスモーク サラダ、840円。 タルトタタン、840円。
Smoked duck salad. Nice smoky flavour. And finally tried Tarte Tartin! I have heard so much about Tarte Tartin in VIRON but somehow never had a chance to try it. The caramelized apple is absolutely delicious~. Such a big piece! But it is mostly apple and I practically inhaled it in no time. It is served hot. Could be a bit oily for some people but okay for me. Only available in winter.

Édition Koji Shimomura (エディション・コウジ シモムラ)


From 6300yen lunch.
Boudin Noir(pork blood sausage) petit hamburger.
Foie gras terrine and fruits.
Shungiku and squid ink sauce.
Roasted lamb chop.
A little performance of mixing lemon vinegar with herb and changing the colour from purple to pink.
Chocolate Ganche. Cocoa mixed mineral water.
Birthday cake pre-ordered for a friend. It is white chocolate mousse with raspberry. Fresh herb tea. Petit fours. Soybean and endive root pudding. Pastry crisp with pumpkin seed and pumpkin paste.

See tag for my first visit to this place. The friend who arranged this lunch party is a big fan of this restaurant, so he always picks this place whenever we gather for someone’s birthday. I like the birthday cake and the main dish more this time, but the appetizers are not as good as last time.
Édition Koji Shimomura
Add: 3-1-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5549-4562

NAKANO SHOKUDO Aux provencaux (オー・プロヴァンソー)


Foie gras terrine with fig simmered in red wine.
Duck confit. Desserts from the wagon.

Tried this French restaurant that opened last year after hearing quite positive reviews from friends. The food didn’t disappoint! Lunch course I had was 3000yen; there is also a 2500yen lunch course which serves the daily soup instead of appetizer. There are a few choices for the appetizers, but for the main dish, you can either choose fish or meat. Limited choice is fine for cheaper weekday lunch, but I went on a weekend and I did wish they had more options for the main. There is no service charge and tax is included in the price so the value is not bad. Glass wine is 840yen. The foie gras terrine is one of the best I’ve had recently and it is even better than more expensive places. The main and the dessert are both very decent. Definitely will go back for dinner!

Lunch menu(J) here.

Aux provencaux
Add: 1-3-9 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku
(near Koujimachi or Hanzoumon subway station)
Tel: 03-3239-0818

Ristorante Tanicha (タニーチャ)

The restaurant is supposed to be 10mins walk from Roppongi or Nogizaka station, but it is so much of a hideaway in a nondescript residential area that, even with the help of a map and direction instructions from the restaurant staff through the phone, it still took us 20 mins to find it. Quite surprised that this obscure little restaurant was filled with salarymen on a Friday evening.
From 5000yen dinner course. You can choose the appetizer, pasta, main dish and dessert from a large variety of choices – took us more than half an hour to decide!
Amuse-bouche: Ankimo terrine. It is like an izakaya snack, a bit bitter. Should have ordered beer instead of champagne.
Foie gras and pear saute, with raspberry vinegar(+600yen). I always end up ordering foie gras…but oh this is so good! The combination of sweet pear+foie gras+cheese is absolute heaven.
Sample of the handmade pasta available was brought to us to choose.
One mouthful of simple spaghetti with cheese. It was nice but I was very puzzled about what it was for…I can understand a simple pasta at the end of the course in case you are still hungry, but right after the appetizer? I later realised it was a good idea because the next pasta course was a looooooong wait…
Piping hot homemade bread.
カカオを打ち込んだカネロニ 野鹿のラグー。
Tanicha-style Agnolottini. It is filled with four kinds of meat – pork, beef, chicken and hare.
Cocoa Cannelloni rolled with Venison Ragu.
My friend and I chose different pasta and the staff split them into half to let us try them both, so the pics show half portion. Both are so good, so rich with complex flavours of meat, cheese and herb. I wish the portion were bigger though~ we were desperately trying to cut each piece of pasta into half so that we could enjoy it longer, while all I wanted to do was to stuff my face with a huge bowl of it….^^;;

0710050083金曜Special「タニーチャローストの日」料理。 チョコレートのスフレ。
Friday is Special “Tanicha Roast day”. Okinawa “AGU” pork roasted with herb. The madam brought the whole chuck to show us at the beginning. It tastes so much like Cantonese roasted pig apart from the herb. Served simple with mustard and green pepper. The skin is the hard crispy kind. 90% of my cut is pure fat though, with a little white meat near the bone. Dessert is Chocolate souffle. It doesn’t look like souffle but it is nice and light with chocolate sauce in the middle. It is hot from the oven.

Glass wine is 1200~1500yen. I had a glass of red and it was really nice. Plus a glass of Rose champagne(1000yen), extra charge for the foie gras, 10% service charge, my bill was about 9000yen. I would say it is a bit expensive, especially the portion is really tiny. But then the restaurant is in a posh area. The whole course took us 4 hours, even we were slow on deciding the menu, delivery of food was simply too slow. The madam actually apologised to us for the delay.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3.
Ristorante Tanicha
Add: 1-5-16 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5775-6050

Bistrot Vendange (ビストロ ヴァンダンジュ)


豚肩ロース肉のトマト チーズのせ焼き。
From a couple of lunch visits. 1000yen lunch includes appetizer and main. Hmm it is cheap for a reason. Chicken and orange salad was drowned in oily dressing. Grilled pork shoulder meat with tomato and cheese was a bit undercooked. I also got the chestnut cake for 400yen and coffee for 100yen. Bad move. Both were pretty horrible.
牛腹身肉のステーキ マデラ酒ソース。
Fish and prawn terrine(+200yen). Beef steak with Madeira wine sauce.
Both are just so-so.
Chestnut flan with chicken liver. Salmon in herb sauce.
Again so-so and very greasy. Instead of bread(which is dry and no good), I asked for rice which made it easier to finish the oily food. Well it is just 1000yen…
Lunch menu(J): 1, 2, 3.
Bistrot Vendange
Add: 1-9-1 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3834-0722

Restaurant Kobayashi (レストランコバヤシ@平井)

061218 037061218 053

061218 059061218 070
Complementary appetizer is sardine and butter on crackers. Tasty! While the bread is just so-so.
061218 072061218 077
活け締め鮟鱇(あんこう)とあん肝のジュレ テリーヌ グリーンペッパーとディル風味。
Appetizer from Today’s menu: Ankou(angler fish) and Ankimo gelee(jelly) terrine, with green pepper and dill. Ankimo is like foie gras, slightly bitter but decently prepared that it doesn’t have any unpleasant taste. The jelly makes the whole thing very refreshing and light.
Fish soup. Very thick and strong prawn taste. Would have really loved it if it were not just lukewarm.
061218 083061218 089
北海道産 雌エゾ鹿とフォワグラのパイ包み焼き 丹波産 栗添え。
Also from Today’s menu: Hokkaido Ezo vension and foie gras pie, with chestnuts. I knew this choice would be heavy and was prepared for it, but what came out was 10 times heavier than what I expected. The pie was loaded with butter which was fine, but it was not as crispy as I would have liked…nothing is more difficult to cope with than an uncrispy pie. Furthermore, it was drowned in very strong sauce made from gibier. One bite, and I thought I could eat no more. Probably should have ordered roasted meat instead of stuffed pie. Couldn’t help envying the wild duck at the table next to us.
061218 094061218 096
紅玉りんごのタルト バニラのアイスクリーム添え。
フランス産レンズ豆とバナナのコンポート 和三盆糖を使った牛乳のシャーベット。
My friend and I ordered different desserts to share. Apple tart with vanilla ice-cream. Again not crispy enough. My friend who likes to cook, said that maybe there were too many orders that the oven was overloaded and couldn’t maintain high enough heat to bake crispy pies.
Lentil and banana compote, with milk sorbet. Quite simple but not bad.
Dinner course is about 5000yen but there are additional charges for most of the options on the menu. The extra charge for my appetizer and main dish was about 5000yen. House wine is 840yen per glass and not quite generous in volume. Maybe because it was right before Christmas that the restaurant was full even on a weekday, and there was a lot of waiting between the courses. The manager served alright but he was too busy. The other waitor was incredibly unmotivated and we had to ask him twice for water refills as if we were in a family restaurant. All the waiting also forced us into the unhappy situation of having to rush through our coffee and petit four at the end, even though we arrived at the restaurant pretty early….the dinner took 4 hours!
Today’s menu here.
Restaurant Kobayashi

La Matière (ラ・マティエール)

061207 006061207 008

061207 012061207 020

061207 026ヤリイカのブイヤベース風テリーヌ、じゃいが芋とインゲンのサラダ バジルの香り。
Terrine of Spear squid Bouillabaisse, potato and kidney beans salad in basil sauce. Smooth terrine with finely chopped squid that are still very chewy. Quite good!
Panfried baby lamb chop, Provençale style. The meat is very tender and juicy. A bit salty and the Balsamico sauce a bit heavy, but still delicious.
Coconut blanc manger and lychee sorbet. Hmm, the dessert is so-so.
A rather new French restaurant located in kagurazaka – an area crowded with little homely bistros. The price is a bit on the higher end – a 3 three course lunch where you can choose your appetizer and main dish but not the dessert, plus a glass of wine and service charge, came up to about 4000yen. The ambience is sophisticated but welcoming.
Lunch menu: 1, 2.
La Matière