Norabou (野らぼー)

060822 001.jpg釜揚肉ぶっかけうどん(玉子入り)、710円。
Meat udon with raw egg. Very nice! The simmered pork and the onion were sweet, while the soup was just the water used to boil the udon, and there was a bottle of slightly sweet sauce that you add yourself for additional flavour. The portion was very big too!
野らぼー 錦町本店(Norabou Nishikichou-honten)

060730 004.jpg野らぼーうどん、720円。
Also visited the branch near Kanda station. The udon was too soft and a bit bloated from being boiled for too long. The dried fish tempura was interesting though.
野らぼー神田北口店(Norabou Kanda Kitaguchi-ten)


060801 042.jpg060801 045.jpg
夜メニュー: 鴨ねぎ棒。土佐沖のきびなご唐あげ。
Duck and spring onion stick, this is good! Some fried little fish…not sure the English name, a bit easy to get tired of the taste.
060801 048.jpg060801 054.jpg

060801 058.jpgうどん三昧: ぶっかけ冷、生じょうゆ冷、かやくの3種。
A udon set where you get to try 3 types of udon: hot soup one, cold udon with radish and spring onion and sweet soy sauce, and cold udon with simple soy sauce and fresh lime. The set is only 1200yen, very cheap for the amount of food you get. The udon has strong and chewy texture – my favourite kind!

0310 003.jpg(11 Mar 2005)
Udon with grated yam, very good!

UPDATES! (Mar 2008)
This place used to be in Ginza but have now moved to a different location in Hibiya. Price is still very reasonable, even during dinner time, and the seating is much more comfortable than before(used to be very crowded). Food I had in the new location:
Tarako and butter udon. Cabbage and butter udon in soup. Was feeling adventurous and ordered some weird options….hmm I think I will stick to the normal kind next time.
Left: The same 1200yen udon set with 3 different styles.
Rgith: Tempura Bukkake udon.

Menu(J): 1, 2.
Add: 3F, 1-6-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3563-7400