La Rochelle Minami Aoyama (ラ・ロシェル南青山)

小さいなオードブル: ヒラマサのジュレ、イワシとサーモンのクレープ包み、ニシ貝のフラン。
From the 7350yen dinner course.
Amuse bouche: Hiramasa(fish) jelly, sardine and salmon crepe, Nishigai(shellfish) flan.
White asparagus, uni and scallop, uni and mango mousse(on the spoon), olive jelly(at the back), and fennel here and there. This appetizer is amazing!
Pumpkin soup cappuccino style.
Akaza-ebi(Langoustine) wrapped in Shitabirame(sole), grilled with black breadcrumbs. Squid ink lasagna at the bottom, with tomato and Balsamico sauce.
Wagyu wrapped in herb and bacon.
Small dessert is apricot soup.

Apple mango dessert and honey ice-cream. Petit fours. After coffee, herb tea is also served.

Lunch was very good last time(see tag) so went back for dinner. What a nice restaurant. Delicious and delicate food, attentive service, lovely environment(though lots of cheering and clapping and flashlights when a wedding reception is taking place) – all at a reasonable price. Very satisfied!
La Rochelle Minami Aoyama
Add: 3-14-23 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-3478-5645

Aux Delices de Hongo (オ・デリス・ド・本郷)

060305 102.jpg060305 107.jpg
White asparagus confit. Very good.
Terrine of pig feet, ear, tongue, and cow stomach, with hotspring egg. Somehow it tastes Chinese but very good too.
060305 110.jpg060305 119.jpg
フォアグラのフラン トリュフ風味。
プーラルド ドゥミ ドゥイユ。
Flan of foie gras with truffle. Unbelievable! *o*!! Can never look at chawanmushi the same way again.
Poularde demi-deuil(for 4 people). Wow~~.
060305 120.jpg060305 126.jpg
My god, never eaten so much truffle in my life! The sauce is rich and the chicken tender and soft. Plus truffle truffle all over, a huge bubble of heavenly smell engulfed me during the time I enjoyed this dish~. How I didn’t want it to end!
竹の子。Grilled bamboo shoot. Never tried it before. Just used our hands to tear the skin off, tasted really great on its own.

060305 130.jpg紅玉の温かいパイ、バニラアイス添え。Warm apple pie with Vanilla ice-cream. Very crispy and not too sweet, super yummy. I went with someone who knows the chef and the sommelier well and we were served special menu and each dish came with a glass of specially chosen wine to match the dish. I didn’t take pictures but the 2 glasses of white wine I had with the terrine and foie gras were sooooooo good that I was in awe throughout the entire meal. So nice to go with someone who is true gourmet, X-D!!
Aux Delices de Hongo