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The Oinkster (Eagle rock)

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We always pass by The Oinkster when driving through Eagle Rock. It offers classic American diner fares like Pastrami sandwich and burgers that’re prepared in “gourmet restaurant” way. or as they call it, slow fast food. I love the retro 50s modern red and white interior. The surrounding neighbourhood is very charming too: rows of tall big trees and pretty craftmanship houses. Perfect for a stroll after the meal.

Oinskter Pastrami with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onion and red cabbage slaw. Their pastrami are “cured for two weeks, rubbed with a special spice blend and smoked with applewood” according to the menu. They’re indeed delicious, juicy and tender. I like the red cabbage slaw too. A minor complaint would be the bread, it’s a little hard. The fries are really good, thin and crispy.

Chocolate Malt, good! BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with red cabbage slaw, caramelized onions and Carolina bbq sauce. According to the menu, their pork is “brined with soy and honey then slowly roasted and smoked.” The meat is tender and juicy as well. I prefer the pastrami sandwich though.

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5 Responses to “The Oinkster (Eagle rock)”

  1. seat says:

    Slow fast food… ^^;;;;
    Oh the quality of bread for a sandwich is not a minor factor~~ ^^;;

  2. Taste-Buzz says:

    Make sure to try the Ube Milkshake if it’s available.

  3. do you guys work out?

    how can you eat all this heavy yet delicious food? It’s insane!

  4. Joan says:

    ah I didn’t eat two sandwiches, nonooo…^^;; the Pulled pork sandwich was my boyfriend’s, I had a bite though.

    We work out sometimes, too lazy though… 🙁

  5. thanks for the review. oishiieats and i are going to try this place tomorrow. i foresee a big day of working out on sunday.