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Cilantro Live (San Diego: Hillcrest)

By in 18: Greater LA

Drove down to San Diego for a day without doing any research on where to eat. We felt like eating something healthy, and so upon seeing the “100% RAW, 100% ORGANIC” sign at the door of Cilantro live, we knew that’s the one to try. The interior space is very designey (I love the wood wallpanel and table), so it”s quite a surprise to see how UN-design their website is…^^;;;

I got the Sampler platter: two nori rolls (daikon, bell peppers, cucumbers, avocado, wild rice and pine nut pate), spring roll (broccoli sprouts, red and yellow peppers, cilantro, mint, cabbage, avocado and jicama wrappe in fine sun-dried rice paper), buenos vida wrap (cilantro pate, wild rice, house cheese, topped with salsa fresca), rawviolis (Thinly-sliced roma tomatoes delicately stuffed with pine nut-basil cheese and topped with a pesto sauce), mini pizzazas (Crispy multi-seed crust topped with sun-dried tomato sauce, house cheese, tri-colored onions, red peppers and kalamata olives).

Taste very very healthy and oh yes, definitely raw. Everything is tasty. The “rawviolis” and “pizzazas” are the best and have the most flavors. Least favorite is the spring roll as it’s the most “biting into grass” tasting.

DSCN0552.jpgJon got the Heavenly Tacos corn tortillas stuffed with nut meat, avocado, salsa fresca, sour cream with mexican wild rise.

The food actually filled up our stomach well! We didn’t get hungry until dinner time nor needed afternoon snacks like we worried. And I felt good and “cleanse” for the rest of the day.

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3 Responses to “Cilantro Live (San Diego: Hillcrest)”

  1. Everything looks so amazing! I love raw food and it sure is nice to them to offer a sampler platter like that.

    have you had “leaf cuisine” here?

    How would you compare it?

  2. RP says:

    Haha am I the only vegetarian on the face of this planet that still resists raw foods? But hey, the way you describe them (apart from the grass-roll ;-P) they actually sound nice!

  3. seat says:

    What?! RP you don’t eat raw food?! Why? ^^;;;

    The sampler platter looks good! Huge portion for one person too!