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Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential Restaurant in LA

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Awhile ago Jonathan Gold’s did a 99 Essential Restaurants list on LA Weekly. I like Jonathan Gold’s review because he covers a wide range of restaurants, from high and low, celeb chefs to no-name. He would even review little ethnic eats from ethnic neighbourhoods that most mainstream media ignore. His list truely shows the diversity and his passion for good eats. Sadly to say we haven’t been to a lot of the restaurants that were on the list (particularly the chichi $$$ ones ^^;). I’m glad to see some of my favorites made on the list, and here are the ones we manage blogged on:

Angeli Caffe: 1
A.O.C: 1, 2
Apple Pan: 1
A-Won: 1
Beacon: An Asian Cafe: 1, 2, 3
Campanile: 1
Canele: 1
Chameau: 1
Chung King: 1

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