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Uzbekistan (Sunset Blvd)

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Tired of the same old brunch food? Burgers? Thai food or Sushi? Try Uzbeki food! We often pass by this place on Sunset Blvd, it’s inside a stripe mall across from where Moshti Malone’s Ice cream is. It’s also on Jonathan Gold’s 99 essential restaurants in LA. As soon as we walked in we felt like we’ve transported into a different world. The interior decor is pure post-Soviet Russian kitsch: golden pointed shoes and murals on the wall. In the center of the restaurant a violin-playing sappy-Russian-love-song-singing guy on stage serenadeing at the couple sitting next to us. I love this place already!

The Ararat salad is good but I wish they cut up the Cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and red bell peppers in smaller pieces. The bread is very good.

Blini, Cured Salmon and red caviar platter I absolutely love this. Blini is basically French crepe. It comes with Russian sour cream (fresh and yummy) and the cured salmon is delicious. And I’m always a sucker for caviar :).

Samsa, puff pastry with tender, juicy lamb. It’s similar to a samosa. It’s so good that we ordered another one right away. Borscht, the famous Russian beets and cabbage soup. Comes with Russian sour cream and dill, tasty and very authentic.

I don’t know much about Uzbekistan except for it being one of the most landlock countries in the world, and it’s surrounded by countires like Kazakhstan (borat!) and Afghanistan. Being a part of Soviet Union I expect a Russian centric menu with some Middle Eastern influences. The menu is quite extensive, there’re lots of meat dishes. I want to go back and try the more Uzbeki dishes next time.

7077 W Sunset Blvd (cross street: La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA 90028-7509

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4 Responses to “Uzbekistan (Sunset Blvd)”

  1. seat says:

    Blini! It looks sooooooo much better than the crappy Russian pancake I had. The bread looks so good! Go go go try more of their meat dishes~~

  2. Joan says:

    Oh what’s inside that Pancake? The pix of that Japanese Russian place looks like those HK cafe dishes!

  3. seat says:

    It is salmon inside the pancake! So it is supposed to be Blini…

  4. Freda says:

    AHHH I finally tried this place last week, it was so good! I’ll put up a entry later~