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Porterhouse Bistro (Beverly Hills)

By in 10: Beverly Hills

We went to Porterhouse bistro to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday. I have not heard much about this steakhouse place before. Apparently they have a good $39.50 prix fixe menu, which all eleven of us ordered. It comes with 2 drinks (choice of cocktails, wine or beverages), 1st course (bread), 2nd course (7 choices of appetizer), 3rd course (8 choices of entree) and 4th course (7 choices of dessert).

1st Course: Baguette serve with tapenade, butter, tomato bruschetta and a whole roasted garlic flower. 2nd course: smoked salmon Quesadilla’s(my choice).

2nd course: Onion Soup. It’s pretty good. My vegetarian’s friend 3rd course: Vegetarian Plate of the day. Very very disappointing….this is really just a bunch of “sides” like potoato fries, mash potatos and creamed corn… I guess vegetarians don’t really have a choice at a steakhouse ^^;;

3rd course: 12 oz Rib Eye Steak. Big portion, done medium rare like I requested, pretty good meat. Satisfying!

3rd course: Rack of Lamb. The meat is alright, not too tender. The sauce is light, but the flavor is rather bland. Not too memorable. Also the portion is quite small. The steak is a much better deal. Porterhouse fries, sides that came with the steak dishes.

DSC04301.jpgFourth course: strawberry mousse, Chocolate Tart, Crème Brulée, Crispy Apple Tart and Pecan Tart. Their desserts’ choices are rather safe and generic, but they’re all good, esp. the chocolate ones.

Overall the food is good but not amazing, though $40 for all these plus two drinks is a pretty good deal.

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4 Responses to “Porterhouse Bistro (Beverly Hills)”

  1. Ker says:

    You don’t know your cuts of meat. Why do you call that piece a Ribeye. I don’t trust this blog.

  2. Joan says:

    Umm to rude commenter Ker, the top part of the steak IS a ribeye, please look carefully. Just that there’s the extra fillet mignon the other side of the bone. So I see no problem naming it the same as what they listed on the menu.

  3. ker says:

    Sorry if my tone and writing were a bit strong.

    As for menu errors I see them all the time just try not to repeat them.

    It’s a porterhouse, easily identifiable by its t-bone. Calling it a ribeye is at best half right (or half wrong).

  4. seat says:

    The vegetarian plate is such a cheat! I mean they don’t have to put a vegetarian option in the menu if they can’t offer anything good! ^^;;;