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Los Balcones del Peru (Sunset Blvd.)

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There’re many other good restaurants at that chaotic section around Arclight, so instead of succumbing to mediocracy, there’s this Peruvian restaurant hideaway, which was also on Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential LA Restaurant.

It might looked a bit shabby outside, but inside was a nice hideaway.

Chicha Morada: a traditional Peruvian drink made of purple corn, lime, cinammon, apple, cloves, etc. Reminded me a bit of Jamaica Juice. Being not a fan of fried food, the Fried Calamari blew me away. So crispy yet not greasy. I couldn’t stop devouring the sharing plate. The lime marinated onions were so delicately sliced. They added great textures accompaning each bite.

De Pescado Ceviches: fish marinated in lime juice, served with potato, sweet potato and Peruvian corn. So delicious! The lime juice sauce are so fresh tasting with a wonderful acidic and spicy kick. My co-worker got the mixed ceviches with addition of calamari and shrimp, both were quite hard. Stick with fish only.

DSC04452.jpgMy other co-workers ordered various grilled steaks, this is one of them. They all look colofully plated.

Los Balcones del Peru
1360 Vine St, Los Angeles 90028

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4 Responses to “Los Balcones del Peru (Sunset Blvd.)”

  1. Taste-Buzz says:

    I’m a big fan of Los Balcones; but if you only stick with the seafood then you’ll miss out on Peruvian fried chicken!

  2. Freda says:

    oh Taste-Buzz, I gotta try the chicken then~~ 😀

  3. seat says:

    Lots of exotic food these days! De Pescado Ceviches looks good~. Do you just eat it with potato? Must be nice with rice too.

  4. Freda says:

    I wish I have rice to go with the ceviches ^^;; They get quite limey and spicy, would be good to go with rice. (I guess the potatoes + sweet potatoes would do, but it’s not enough for the portion pf fish).