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Natacha (Paris: Montpanasse)

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After we’re done with touristy things, we tried to pick restaurants at areas where tourists have less attraction to go, hence giving us a reason to see different neighborhoods. We read about Natacha on Paris Miam Miam. It’s a renewel of a legendary Montparnasse eatery by a chef from the famous L’Ambroisie.

Located in a quiet street in Montpanases, they offer a 19 euro prix fix lunch for 2 courses.

My 1st course: Seafood salad. There’s not much greens but I was glad to be able to eat some vegetables (not easy to come by in bistro). It’s fresh and light tasting.

2nd course: Filet of bar fish with white wine sauce. The setup looked a bit like a bento box. The fish is pretty good but I was more fascinated by the sides. The spinach pudding was yummy and goes well with the sauce and the fish.

1st course: Salmon Terrain with mushroom sauce. The mushroom sauce was irresistable. Salmon terrain are light and fluffy.

Freda’s 2nd: Calf’s liver in Marchand de Vin Sauce. Surprisingly not heavy. The liver is thin and smooth, the sauce is buttery with a touch of wine flavor. My side egg pudding has mushroom.

DSC05595.jpgClose up of the chandelier. I’d love to try their dinner someday.

17 bis, Rue Campagne Premi

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3 Responses to “Natacha (Paris: Montpanasse)”

  1. Chubbypanda says:

    The spinach pudding looks really interesting.

  2. seat says:

    Strangely anything that comes in a pudding-cup shape automatically looks good. ^^;; Appetizers are big!!

    btw, you gals share every dish? Swapping halfway?

  3. Freda says:

    The pudding-cup shape reminded me of those Japanese children menu set (they always have these cup shape rice/egg pudding), ahhh sweet childhood~

    We ate a bit of each other’s dish, but never swap plate ^^;;