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Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki (Paris: Latin Quarter)

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DSC05629.jpgJapanese-French pastries in Paris! Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki located in a residential neighborhood. Half of the patisserie sells teas, Japanese-fusion jams and baked goods (ex: with yuzu, red beans, matcha, etc). Many of the cakes available are very colorful, fruity flavor.

To our delights, there are a few sit-in tables inside even though the space is quite small (the cake cost more when eat in).

Zen: Sesame paste, Cognac Rémy-Martin, Matcha Macaron, Hazel Nut Biscuit, sesame creme and chocolate cream.

Vanille Millefeuille. Classic taste, perfectly crunchy and flaky. The vanille cream is a bit sweeter than I expected. There was a Matcha version that I regreted not getting instead.

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki
35 rue de vaugirard 75006 Paris

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8 Responses to “Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki (Paris: Latin Quarter)”

  1. Chubbypanda says:

    Lol. Higher prices for eating in because you’re renting space – a true Japanese custom.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the visit to that store! Being Japanese, it is kind of heart warming to see it in your blog–
    the higher price – like the food if eaten inside of Whole Foods – they charge more (tax?)

  3. tomoko says:

    what! you guys are in Paris!?
    (better check the older entries^^;;;)

    the cakes look soooo yummy ^q^
    especially since I just read
    that patisserie comic by よしながふみ!!

  4. seat says:

    The Millefeuille looks less clean-cut than the one here but actually looks more homemade feel and more yummy! Shame that Aoki here has started forbidding photos inside the cafe~.

    btw for Millefeuille, regular one is better than the Matcha one so you picked the right choice!

    Are the staff Japanese? Did they think you were Japanese?? ^^;;;

  5. Freda says:

    Yeah the additional cost go to tips and tax (in Paris, the tax and tips are included). So the cake cost about 2.5 Euro when take out, would increase to 3.5-4 Euro. which is fair.

    Hi anonymous, I made it my plan to visit several accomplished Japanese chef’s Patisserie in Paris~~ There’s another lesser known female Japanese pastry chef whose store located near Opera area that I didn’t have time to go (seems to do very good Strawberry cakes). Other than mastering the art of classic French cuisine/pastry the Japanese do very innovative things with it~

    Seat, the staff (one girl) is Japanese (who speak fluent French and English). I think I saw chef Aoki too. (looks like the guy in pictures on website) yeah I thought my millefeuille looks a lot fuller and ‘messier’ than your photos. There was another couple with us eating in. They both order 2 cakes each. The girl also got that same Zen one and a regular Millefeuille but then change her mind to the matcha version. I was like ‘dammn i should do that!” So it’s not as good?

    Tomoko, yes we went to Paris for two week (and we’re still reporting about the food for 3 weeks ^^:;). Ah “Antique Bakery” right? I like that too, the author self-published ‘sequel’ to it too (where Ono and the sunglasses guy hooked up~!).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi- I am the same anonymous Japanese gril here! Thank you for the reply about the other pastry chefs you have visited!! I am sure these people can blow Beard Papa away in LA~

  7. seat says:

    Yeah I thought Matcha doesn’t taste as good as the regular one, but then it is just personal preference!

  8. Freda says:

    haha Beard papa is too manufactured to be in the league of these pastry artists.

    Seat I can understand, even I thought the green color matcha looked a bit icky with the golden buttery color of Millefeuille.