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Pierre Hermé (Paris: St.Germain)

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Almost toward the end of our Paris food blogging (we skipped a few report on lackluster dinners). Yes of course there’d be macarons from the much hyped star pastry chef Pierre Hermé. After he left Fauchon, he setup his flagship in Tokyo in 1998 and returned to setup his Paris shop at St. Germain in 2001.

I had these in my bag all day so they looked very damaged.

Macarons. We tried everything they have. The front middle metallic sheen surface brown one is Matcha with red beans, which taste more like a Japanese cake…not my fav. The white one is White Truffle, very rich and almost suffocating truffle flavor. I like the Rose and Passion Fruits with Chocolate Au Lait.

The downside of Paris’s Patisserie is that most are for take-out. Very inconvenient for us visitors. Our cakes suffered casualties while we were looking for a sit-down place, so the cakes in the photographs are a bit sloppy looking. ^^;;

Ispahan: rose petal cream, lychee and raspberry enfolded in rose flavor macaron. I’m sure many have written about it already. I wasn’t a fan of berries dessert but the staff in the shop highly recommend it. Thank goodness I listened to them. The combination of rose petal cream and lychee is absolutely divine! The rose macaron gave the texture and raspberries for a touch of sourness.

A sadly mangled Carré Blanc (for how it should look, click here). Pear marmalade of pears and bilberries, creams mascarpone with maple syrup with Almond glazed biscuit. The lovely exterior slight chewy but smooth texture is hard to describe. The pear and mascarpone taste so fresh and sweetness is perfectly hinted.

Around the corner from Pierre Herme’s shop is Cafe de la Mairie, facing a pretty view of the St. Suplice. I read from blogs that this is the ‘unofficial’ Pierre Herme cafe, where the waiters turn a blind eye when you take out the cakes. We did just that (ordered coffee of course).

Pierre Hermé
72 rue Bonaparte, Paris 75006 France

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6 Responses to “Pierre Hermé (Paris: St.Germain)”

  1. Chubbypanda says:

    I’m not one for sweets, but those really turned my head.

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow, b/c of these posts I’m on the verge of buying a plane ticket and planning a Paris trip. If only it were that simple… Thanks for all the vicarious treats!

  3. seat says:

    Rose flavour is my favourite!! I want to eat that Ispahan!! XD!! I don’t think they have that in Tokyo shop, damn!

    Pierre Herm

  4. Sherry says:

    How gorgeous! Even slightly smashed, they look divine.

  5. Tara says:

    I love macaroons. These look amazing! Did you say white truffles? Mmmm … How do I reach you guys via email off the blog site. I have a question for you …

  6. Joan says:

    Hi Tara, you can reach us at Kewpiebb99@

    Jessica, let’s hope the dollar goes back up soon. Then everyone should plan their Paris trip 🙂 I would love to go back there again and again.

    Hey Seat, you gotta try Ispahan! Double check if the Tokyo shop has it…they should since it’s Pierre Herme signature item. I thought it was THE most delicious pasteries I’ve ever had in my life!
    The raspberries are so fresh that it’s like you eata them off from the tree.