November 28, 2007 1

Red Lion Tavern (silverlake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

For some reason the past few times I went to Red Lion Tavern I always did not have my camera with me. It’s a fun place for party and hanging out. We sat upstairs at the “Beer Garden,” a courtyard patio where German kitschy-ness can be found everywhere.

Hungarian Goulash, tender chunks of beef, seasoned with paprika. Serve with noodles and red cabbage (sauerkraut). My friend from Germany said this is the best dish at this place. It’s pretty good, it’s flavourful and the beef were tender. Jon said it’s not as good the ones he had at Germany nor the ones his mom made though. I love the sauerkraut a lot, can’t stop eating it. I had their saucages before and thought they’re ok, not particularly memorable. Well this is pub food afterall. You really go to the Red Lion for the beer, and the food goes well with them. It’s already better than a lot of other places (*cough* Cat *cough*).

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  1. seat says:

    So strange to see pub food in your blog!