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Blue Hen (Eagle Rock)

By in 03: Eagle Rock

DSCN2816.jpgBeen hanging out more often at the Eagle rock area due to the wonderful neighbourhood market Fresh and Easy. It’s a great alternative to Trader Joe’s and everything I’ve tried so far tasted good! Anyways, I’ve been sick ever since the new year began, so eating light and healthy has been the priority these days. We went to the orangic Vietnamese restaurant Blue Hen for some comfort food. They use mostly local farm and organic products. Other than the pretty ceiling lamps which I love, the decor is simple and bare. Andrew Bird was the soundtrack of the night.

The Grandpa’s Porridge is the ultimate comfort dish. Brown rice, organic chicken, napa cabbage and Vietnamese hot mint. It’s very tasty, fish sauce flavor. It’s only served on the weekends.

Jon got a small bowl of Chicken Pho and Blue Hen Sandwich. The small bowl pho is the same size as the regular portion of Viet Noodle Bar’s but with half the price and double the flavor! The chicken meat is a lot better too. For a chicken pho it’s tasty (I still prefer beef ones however). The sandwich is good also.

DSCN2827.jpgBanana bread pudding, light and taste homemade.

Overall I like the food and would go back. I have to admit that at first I was a bit worried about it being another “overpriced-in-the-name-of-organic-and-hipness Vietnamese restaurant located at a predominantly non Asian neighbourhood serving water-down food for hipsters” type of place. Indeed I was pleasantly surprised at it not being so. Even though the food generally cost more than they would in a Vietnamese place at Alhambra but it’s still fairly reasonable. The food tasted healthy, and you can tasted how organic chicken do make a difference in flavor.

Blue Hen
1743 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 982-9900

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3 Responses to “Blue Hen (Eagle Rock)”

  1. nakedsushi says:

    I wasn’t that impressed by Blue Hen the couple of times I went there. Their pho was bland and the broth was missing depth. The porridge was okay, but overpriced. I think I’m just used to SGV-quality and prices when it comes to food like this.

    What I *do* like is their orange & lime soda.

  2. Joan says:

    Oh yes definitely the pho can’t be compared with SGV-quality. They don’t use beef so perhaps that’s why the broth isn’t as good?

  3. seat says:

    I always think banana dessert looks unappetizing because of its greyish colour but the bread pudding here is cute!

    I love Vietnamese sandwich! It comes with fries? ^^;;;