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Vin Bar Valentino (Santa Monica)

By in 16: Santa Monica

I tried another participating restaurant from the dineLA Restaurant Event. Vin Bar Valentino is basically the bar section of the high end Italian restaurant Valentino, hence the more casual vibe. The dinner course was $34. The dineLA menu is different from the one posted online. You can choose from two from the three: appetizer, pasta or meat. Both my partner and I picked the appetizer + pasta combine.

It’s very classy and romantic inside, but a bit too dark at the bar area (hence the poor quality grainy photos).

Appetizer: Italian Sashimi, Salted Anchovy Sauce, Organic green. The sashimi are sprinkled with gourmet salt and anchovy oil…hence ‘Italian’… 😉

Appetizer: Duckling and Tomato Ragu Filled Crespelle, Mostarda di Cremona. Creamy and melty, very comfort food feeling. The mostarda di Cremona are these very sweet preserved pears, the combine of it with savory reminds me of Southern Asian cooking.

Gragnano Pasta with Shrimp, Clams, cherry tomato, rocchini & fresh mint. It taste very fresh and light but too little portion. Semolina-Ricotta Saffron Gnocchi with Porcini & Proscuitto, the gnocchi are really good, one of the best I’ve ever had (well I only had very bad ones before). They felt surprisingly light, and the texture is smooth, soft but chewy. My partner finished the former in a few gulp while I have plateful of gnocchi to savor for a longer time.

Guava Pudding with candied walnut I can’t remember what the dessert of the day is, it’s very delicious, very good combination.

I’m impressed with the food even though we were still hungry afterward, it’d be the right portion if they let us have all three choices (appetizer + pasta + meat).

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3 Responses to “Vin Bar Valentino (Santa Monica)”

  1. valentine says:

    hi it’s valentine 😉
    nice treat for a Valentaine’s Day!!❤❤

  2. seat says:

    So jealous of you!!! I want to have Valentine dinner too!! ^^;;;

    The tiny portion reminds me of Italian restaurants in Tokyo. An Italian friend told me that even in upscale restaurants in Italy, you will always get a lot of food – that is the spirit of Italian food!

  3. Freda says:

    hey gals happy belated valentine! Sadly this is not the valentine’s dinner, it’s one week before…^^;;

    Argh yeah the portion reminds me of photos from your blog ^^;;