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Hatfield’s (Miracle Mile)

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Fine dining night out = grainy pictures ahead.

My friend and I celebrated her birthday at the popular and acclaimed LA restaurant Hatfield’s. Even with reservation, we have to wait for almost 20 minutes to be seated. It was a crowded Friday night.

The restaurant is at a stucco wall building with simple mostly white interior; indie rock was the soundtrack.

We both got their Daily Market Menu, $46 each
Amuse Bouche: Quail egg and Cauliflower puree.

Appertizers: Wild arugula and Beets salad, Chèvre goat cheese, caramelized walnuts and fig vinaigrette. Flavorful and delicious!

Entree: Roasted kanpachi with Meyer lemon and basil crust, smashed purple potatoes, baby broccoli, and pickled ramp vinaigrette. After the wonderful salad, the expectation was a bit let down as the fish was slightly overcook. but the combination is pretty good overall (somehow taste Chinese to me).

The server saids we can choose their regular desserts over the market menu one (which was a butter tart), so we both change our choices.
Fresh citrus napoleon, crispy phyllo, almond cake,
mascarpone, tangerine sorbet
. Very good~ one of the best Napoleon I’ve had. Light, crispy, the mascarpone not too heavy either. Perfect combination with the fruity

Chocolate mousse tartlet, chewy caramel, chocolate coffee crumble, espresso ice cream. This is heavenly. The bitter cocoa is combined with melty chewy caramel underneath, creating a wonderful contrast of sweet vs bitter. The expresso flavor from ice cream and chocolate enhance it even further.

Hazelnut candies.

The desserts are definitely the highlights. My friend who’s been here told me they enjoyed thee appetizers very much. Maybe one of us should have tried their regular menu (now I’m curious…). They also offer a $79 7 course tasting menu, it wasn’t terribly expensive compare to other equally ranked place.

Hatfield’s (323) 935-2977
7458 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90189

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6 Responses to “Hatfield’s (Miracle Mile)”

  1. seat says:

    And happy birthday to you both too!! This is not your own birthday treat? Fish is always a risky choice in French restaurants.

  2. grace says:

    The tasting menu at Hatfield’s is so freaking good. A year later, my friend and I still talk about it, and our eyes still roll back in our heads in sheer gustatory satisfaction and delight. Oh happy memories.

  3. valentine says:

    I thought the Cauliflower puree was milk! Σ(゜o゜;)
    Do you just drink it? Or is it like soup?
    Looks good!!

  4. valentine says:

    I thought the Cauliflower puree was milk! Σ(゜o゜;)
    Do you just drink it? Or is it like soup?
    Looks good!!

  5. valentine says:

    sorry, I accidentally pressed the
    Post button twice…(-_-|||;)
    pls delete the second comment…

  6. Freda says:

    Seat: hehe our birthday treats are not this (seperate, Joan’s will be up soon).

    Grace: darn I wish I tried their tasting menu. It was a good price compare to a lot of other places!

    Tomoko: yes that was the soap~ pillowy and nice~~ 😀