November 26, 2004 6

Thanksgiving Dinner

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DSC01478.jpgDSC01477.jpgWe don’t want to settle for the same old boring turkey every year so we tried something different. We get Shanghai food this year. Hidden Treasure Duck. This is heavenly~! The ‘hidden treasure’ are sticky rice, they’re soaked with duck flavor and sweet fig. So YUMMY~~ The other one is Dongbo Pork, the most unhealthy but delicious dish named after the famous poet/artist So Dong bo. It’s sooooo fattening (look at that inches tall pork oil skin) but doesn’t feel greasy at all! Amazingly good! btw no get-away this Thanksgiving holiday, because we’d be re-modeling our room next week so we have to pack EVERYTHING out of our room, which is a major nightmare. I have cumulated hundreds of CDs, toys, books and magazines…my god…

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6 Responses to “Thanksgiving Dinner”

  1. tina says:

    you guys are remodeling? !! what are you going to do with your room? it’s the room that i’ve being to before right? with all the computer and your collections of toys? if you find good handyman let me know, i am insearch for that right now. our new place need some touch up too, and i am trying to compare the price among the two handyman i know. . .

  2. Freda says:

    It’s because when we built the area where our room was many years ago, we got cheated by a very bad contractor. That guy didn’t know shit and used some totally inappropriate materials for our shower room…so now water’s leaking everywhere. The water penetrate through the walls and it’s molding. It’s a nightmare~~ So my mom knows this other contractor and they’re going to re-do the bathroom (and water pipes), and totally change one side of the wall at our room. Really, after we got screwed over we realized how important a good contractor is. The contractor that’ll work for us is only doing us favor after my mom BEGGED him, because they usually don’t care for ‘small jobs’ like this, like after he made promises with us now he regret or something and kept persuading us to postpone. HELLO!? We can’t wait any longer you know…the house is an utter mess right now. Tina make sure you find the best one with good work ethics who won’t cheat you…it sucks because we have no basic knowledge of these kind of things and we won’t know if they didn’t use the right materials and stuffs. I wished I can recommend you the guy we used right now but then we don’t fully trust him either because he’s the type who would put priority on big jobs (of big company) over small home job…

  3. tina says:

    uhm , that really sucks. my parents went through the same thing before when we had leaking roof many many years ago. since non of my family speak english then, we just hired someone from chinese newspaper. turns out that the guy took the money and left without finish the job. so we ended up with a huge hole on the ceiling for couple weeks. . . the handyman we have right now is through my agent from coldwell banker. since it’s a big company , they make sure the contractor is licensed and has good working ethics. he is pretty cheap too. . . knows everything from piping to electricity. but i just want to shop around before setteling with him. you can ask veron too. they remondeled their house only couple month ago. . . good luck Freda, this kind of stuff cost a lot and doesn’t turn out well half of the time. . .

  4. Joan says:

    The handyman you found sound pretty good, if he’s good please refer him to us too!

  5. tina says:

    i will try to get his number to you guys. but unless you want to wait for another month (we will start remodeling end of dec.), i can’t tell you from experience that he is really good. try veron too, i like what they did to their place.

  6. seat says:

    Only you can think of Shanghai food on Thanksgiving…^^;;;;; But I don’t blame you, that sticky rice stuffed duck is 10000 times better than rough-texture plain-tasting turkey~~~I am going to eat that when I go back to HK~~~~