November 28, 2004 5

Halie Wine Bar & Bistro 112 (Pasadena)

By in 02: Pasadena

DSC01492.jpgGirls night out. We went to this cozy lounge at Pasadena which has a club downstairs. Thus after 10 pm the floor thumping loud beat and muffling sound creep through from down below and got very annoying. The music sounded bad. The bistro and lounge patrons are a different crowd from the club-going crowd (which were mostly young Mexicans). The hostess and waitresses are all very amazingly high-quality…fashion model quality beautiful and dressed sophisticated and sexy.

DSC01488.jpgPinot Noir $32 We ordered Pinot as sort of a salute to the wonderful movie ‘Sideways’ we saw days before. When it comes to wine, I’m like the best friend in the movie so…^^;;

DSC01493.jpgCheese Plate $24

DSC01495.jpgChocolate Mousse $7 My god this is sooo good~~

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5 Responses to “Halie Wine Bar & Bistro 112 (Pasadena)”

  1. vero says:

    haha… you’re the playboy in ‘sideways’?!? 🙂

    muffin heads all over this place hehehe… we, 5 cute gals sitting at the corner of the cushioned rectangle booth… deserve better crowd huh?!? dun u think so? hehe… probably they pay well for waitering, that’s why they can afford beautiful gals… the restaurant has a higher-class crowd. Rich older ppl?

  2. Freda says:

    Maybe it’s the old saying that rings true, you have to go to Hollywood to get a better crowd ^^;;; Really that club crowd was really lame, felt kinda trashy too… I suffered enough of muffin heads back in my lame-ass highschool and UCI days, just as thought I won’t have to see them again… why aren’t that hair out of style after all these years? What’s wrong? The ladies’ quality were…er…such a drastic constrast from the waitresses. ^^;; The mature, cool and hip and slim people won’t go clubbing at Pasadena~

  3. Joan says:

    A coworker saw “sideways” which inspired him to go on the wine trip at napa valley over the holidays 😀

    I never see so much “un-cool/bad style” guys at one place all at once for a loonnnngg time…

  4. seat says:

    You should have ordered 3 more desserts instead of that normal-looking yet ridiculously expensive cheese plate~~~~or was it very good?

  5. Freda says:

    The cheese was so-so (none of the kind I’d like)…poor that we didn’t know how much it cost. We asked for cheese plate which usually cater to 2 people, so waitress said “oh we’d customize for 5 people”…we didn’t know it’d end up like that. 🙁 But then everyone’s there except Joan and I are in diet mode ^^;;;