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BarBar (Prague: Mala Strana)

By in Prague


We found another ‘dungeon’ bar+restaurant. You can get a glimpse of the restaurant underground from these tiny windows next to the sidewalk (I almost thought we had to crawl through that hole to get in for a split second).


A strange character seems to rule the dungeon (its quaintness feels so Prague). Staropramen (made in Prague).


These creatures resides in the TVs. Maybe its name is “BarBar”?

Their menu is HUGE and more of a generic Western European (Italian, French) with a touch of Czech flavors (esp. the use of apples and preserved fruits). Their pasta are all handmade.


Pumpkin Soup with Yogurt and Goose Liver with bits of Rhubarb marinated in Raspberry Vinegar (very heavy and livery).


Beef Carpaccio with Olives Tapenade. A bit too icy but it satisfied my iron thirst.


Pancake with variety of cheese with apple, cranberries and sour cream. The pancake are basically = crepe. Very cheesy.


Roasted Boned leg of chicken with fennel coulis.


Roe-Deer saddle roasted with thyme with dried cranberries and homemade slivovice


Baked Homemade Pasta with smoked Czech Ham (yum!). Icecream with warm fruits.

One thing I enjoyed Prague so much is how it seems like every building in the city is ‘customized’ by the owner, usually done with quirks and charms. Many windowsills are personally decorated with flowers and cute toys/miniature/paintings. The restaurants are the same: there are always quirky original artworks hang on the walls at most of the restaurants and bars we went to.

Vsehrdova 17, Prague 1, 110 00

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5 Responses to “BarBar (Prague: Mala Strana)”

  1. seat says:

    How is the food here? You don’t seem as excited about the food as the decor. ^^;;
    Why you didn’t ask the staff what that character was? (No English-speaking staff?)

  2. Freda says:

    haha I guess that means the food is alright and not much impression (not bad either). We sorta picked this restaurant based on the funny name…^^;; Despite we had fun eating traditional Czech food, they started to seem a bit limited after 2 nights, felt like we’ve tried them all. So we were looking for boarder culinary offerings.

  3. valentine says:

    whoa, the creatures are so cute!!!(*^o^*)
    seems to carry the puppet theater tradition~~

    I also like how all the food comes w/ abundance of herbs and little sides.
    did it help to neutralize the heaviness of the food?

  4. Freda says:

    yes, the herbs and fruits (always see ‘apple’, “prunes’ in their meat dishes) does help ‘neutralize’ the heaviness. But I’m sure ‘beer’ is the best neutralizer of them all. ^^;;

  5. valentine says:

    oooohh, I see. so the beer neutralizes the heavy food!!
    never knew that!! Σ(゜o゜;)
    so it’s like kimchee in Korean food!